Jermaine jenas yahoo dating

JERMAINE JENAS EXCLUSIVE: Footballers aren't preventing gay player 'coming out', the fans are

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

IAN LADYMAN, FOOTBALL EDITOR: For Jermaine Jenas, the beginning of the end came alone, on a weights machine in a gym at Queens. Jermaine Jenas has been discussing attitudes to gay sportsmen, and his and Jenas has written a fascinating and insightful column for Yahoo. Jermaine Jenas believes that Aston Villa will be relegated this season Speaking through his Yahoo column, the former Villa midfielder stated.

Your number represents you, and when it's taken off you and given away while you're still at the club, it's the ultimate kick in the teeth. Players see this stuff happening all the time, so is it any wonder that Stones and Berahino are putting their own interests first?

I returned to Tottenham and was given a different number, but the club's treatment of me didn't improve. But when I got back, to my horror, I found that all my kit had been moved into the reserve team changing room.

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

I was told I wasn't allowed in the first team dressing room anymore. The thing that hurt most was the sneaky way it was done. He was OK, but it just illustrates that clubs aren't setting a good example when it comes to loyalty.

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I wasn't the kind of player to make a fuss. That's probably why some of the senior players at Spurs spoke to the chairman and AVB to say they weren't happy about it, but of course it made no difference.

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I hadn't even kicked a ball for the club. I think it might have been because I'd been on Ashley Cole's stag do that summer and a few pictures had surfaced of us out drinking and having a laugh with other players such as Rio Ferdinand and Michael Carrick.

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

But because I was a Tottenham player hanging around with someone from Arsenal, a lot of people didn't like it.

So it was a bit of a "coincidence" that the gay rumour started after that summer holiday. When I played against Arsenal, I'd take a corner and their fans would be shouting, "Ashley's boyfriend" - bearing in mind Cole had moved to Chelsea by that point so the fans didn't like him either. I would just laugh about it, especially because when I was at Newcastle - and my wife won't thank me for saying this - I was pretty much a playboy.

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I was an year-old lad living on my own, so obviously I had the best time ever. That kind of rumour would never have got going in Newcastle because people knew what I was really like! View photos Jermaine Jenas copped homophobic abuse while playing for Tottenham Hotspur More Story continues Although the abuse I suffered was minimal, it did give me a small dose of what life could be like as a player coming out in the Premier League.

JERMAINE JENAS EXCLUSIVE: Footballers aren't preventing gay player 'coming out', the fans are

Now should a better time than ever for a player to come out because the game has changed since then. That's exemplified by the strides made in combating racism, which - while it definitely hasn't gone completely - has greatly decreased. But it still wouldn't be easy for a player to come out as gay.

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

Whoever does it first will be a pioneer, paving the way for others, and they may have to put up with some tricky situations - and just not from the fans.

For example, there are situations now where opposing players might have been involved - at different points - with the same girl. I do feel lucky. I love this career as much as my old one. A ruptured achilles, ankle problems, issues with his toes.

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

Like every one of his type, there were many days when only a painkilling needle got him out on to the pitch. On the day of the memorable North London derby at the Emirates eight years ago, it took six. They just see the money.

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But I would like to provide some of that insight if possible. You are never really fully fit.

jermaine jenas yahoo dating

We are going to have to inject you to get you through this. So the injections numb you and get out there and then you have another three at half-time and the adrenaline gets you through.

So you miss a game and feel guilty and then you wonder if maybe you could have played. Not that this was the hard part.