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Dating in the dark australia s01e01 kidsongs

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Tegular Job disbarring its fortissimo fluctuates. Also, when Stacey comments that sensitive guys are hot, Spud tries to woo her by using onions to make himself cry on command. Long builds a Groundmatic Secerity System and While teaching Haley how to be "bad", Jake inadvertently gets her hooked on a twisted children's television show.

Kids World's Adventures of American Dragon: Jake Long

As his sister's rebellious behavior begins to escalate, he realizes there may be more to this show than meets the eye, Jake and Haley gou grounded for sneak out the House. Meanwhile, they must also work together to stop the Huntsman as he nears the end of his plan to use the crystal skulls to destroy all magical creatures.

At the same time Trixy and Spud mistakenly kiss inside the "kissy kissy closet" at school, Spud assuming shes Stacy, and Trixy assuming he is Kyle Willskens.

But when Rose's double-agent cover is blown, she is forced to betray Jake on the night of Homecoming. Rose finds out that the Huntsclan have captured the last Aztec Skull and The Huntsman finds out that Rose is cooperating with a dragon. In the final battle, Rose finally manages to overpower Jake, due to his feelings for her. Trixie and Spud finally decide they are just friends and nothing more. Just as the Huntsman is about to make his wish, using the crystal skulls, Rose hits him from behind, and wishes for the destruction of all Huntsclan.

Dating in the dark australia s01e01 kidsongs

Those with the Chinese dragon-shaped birthmark, including Rose, but not Agents 88 or 89 Unwilling to let Rose die, Jake is able to use the thirteen Aztec skulls to wish that Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan, right before she is about to be destroyed,granting Rose's wish: After the action subsides, Jake hopes to see Rose at school, and when he does see, she has no idea who Jake is.

Sun Park was originally set to die in this episode but the scene was cut for being too dark. Meanwhile, a vengeful group of ghosts plan to take revenge on the living occupants of the camp by kidnapping the winners of an upcoming camp race. While Jake only has matured into a twenty-one-year-old, Spud and Trixie become elderly sixty-year-olds.

While trying to figure out how to revert them back to normal, Jake gets caught up in the perks of being an adult, only to realize the life of an adult may not be as glamorous as he first thought.

When two girls compete in bids for him -- one girl pretty, and one sci-fi -- he rigs the event to have the pretty girl win. His skin-deep perception is criticized as Trixie, Spud, Grandpa and Fu Dog try to convince Jake that the girl is a siren bent on his destruction as he displays hypnotic behavior that leads him into increasingly dangerous situations.

But when a magical frog bites him during an attempt to prove himself as a hero, he begins to develop magical "froggy" powers that he uses to gain popularity.

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Though enjoying the perks of being half-magical, he soon sees the downsides as Huntsboys 88 and 89 attempt to capture him to earn notoriety in the magical world. Jake's ignorance of Chinese culture soon shows its dangers when he inadvertently curses the magical shop with bad luck, causing a series of escalating calamities, including the releasing of three evil demons that wreak havoc on the city. When Fu allows his animal guardian license to expire once again, Jake is assigned a temporary animal guardian: But the true loyalty of the animal helpers is put to the test when Chang escapes from prison and exacts revenge on Jake.

Of course, comically disastrous results ensue. Meanwhile, Fu Dog begrudgingly adheres to his new diet. Jake begins the day convinced that Dad's a wimp, but witnesses his father's inner and outer strength against a pack of marauding vampires.

Tired of Rotwood's persistence, Jake goes on an online blog where he thinks that he will not be noticed, and gets misinterpreted by the magical community, thinking that a bounty is now out on Rotwood's head. Now, Jake must protect Rotwood from various magical bounty hunters out for the reward. Meanwhile, with seemingly no crime for weeks on end, Jake becomes immensely overweight by eating massive amounts of junk food; much to Trixie's dismay.

He decides to intentionally get suspended from his duties for a week to get the most out of his middle school graduation, and let Haley become the American Dragon. But can she handle this great new responsibility, which includes dealing with a vengeful Chang? While preparing a plan to strike at him, he realizes he must confront Rose and enlist her help, even though she has no idea who he is or even that a magical world exists.

And what's more, their secret dragon lives are finally revealed to Jake's father. Will Jake manage to defeat Dark Dragon and his minions?