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hannah montana 3x19 online dating

Todos los capítulos y temporadas de Hannah Montana para Ver Online y Descargar Gratis en 2x29 - We're All On This Date Together Idioma Español. hannah montana 3x19 online dating. Back to login, watch, looking for an online dating site with a large Christian user base. Kababs, check out best our expert. Watch Hannah Montana online at studiojul.info Watch full episodes, video clips and more.

Sonny with a Chance - Rated: It's as simple as that. Well sort of harder, but just don't start M to be safe. One day, Lilly does something that will change their lifes forever. M - English - Chapters: Blackout by itmeansnothing reviews Who am I going to meet in a blackout? I immediately knew something had gone wrong. Oneshot, songfic, my first story. Liley fluff; if you don't like it, then don't read it!

D Hannah Montana - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: Lilly Truscott is her biggest fan, and Miley Stewart is Lilly's celebrity crush.

Oliver's the only one who knows It's smut, but in a relatively mild form. It's one of her favorite groups but she won't tell Lilly which one, but there is also another reason for the group being there. Miley has a billboard picture with a zit on her forehead and covers it up but what happens when Lilly finds out? She confessed to Miley that she loves her. But Miley pulled away. Now she's home alone while her friend performs in concert.

Can things be made right between them? Jamesbrooke reviews When she smiles, I can't help but smile back. Now a two shot as I decided to write a sequel Hannah Montana - Rated: What will Miley do to get forgiveness.

My version of the HM episode. Liley style; Miley has to choose between Jesse and Jake, but maybe there is another solution right in front of her?

After meeting Dennis Kim, who turns out to be smarter than Sheldon, Sheldon remarks that he senses as disturbance in the Force, to which Leonard replies "A bad feeling I have about this, mmm" in a Yoda voice. Stuart's comic shop also has other Star Wars-related objects.

hannah montana 3x19 online dating

In the "Friendship Recombination" when Sheldon deceptively causes a power outage to win back Leonard's friendship, he takes out a glowstick. He pathetically misses and muses that he should have used more force.

Terminology like BlasterLightsaber and Landspeeder are used. The Force Unleashed can be seen in the comic book store, and towards the end of the episode, a copy of Star Wars: Revan is present behind Howard in the apartment. In the Hawking Excitation, Sheldon reveals that for his 6th Halloween, he dressed up like his idol Steven Hawking, and got lots of candy, even though everybody thought he was R2-D2. Howard has a Darth Talon statuette on his nightstand. In "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification", Sheldon's virtual presence setup comprised of his face on a monitor with a webcam, atop a shirt on a hanger with wheels attends The Cheesecake Factory with Leonard, Raj, and Howard.

After Sheldon exclaims how nice it is that he doesn't have to tolerate their germy breath on his skin, Howard says "I say we just take him to Tatooine and sell him to some Jawas. Proton discovers his Lightsaber straps to his side and happily swings it around until he cuts himself, telling Sheldon that he's gonna need a band-aid. She slowly pushed herself off of the bed, gently kneeling down next to it. With shaky hands she reached for the frame, probably already knowing what would be in it, though she had many pictures in frames on her shelf, and she had no idea of knowing which of them had fallen.

But as she turned it over, she wasn't surprised at all. It was the picture of her and Lilly she had always loved so much.

They were cramped together in a hammock, only wearing their bathing suits. Miley had a huge pair of sunglasses perked on top of her curly mane, and Lilly was holding a cup of chocolate milk with a tiny umbrella and a bendy straw. They both looked so happy that Miley had never seen anything like it — it shone out of their eyes and was written across their faces. It was quite outstanding. And it told her everything she needed to know.

Her mother was right. It was better to follow her heart. Even if it meant she had to break two — or possibly three — others. It was better to tell Jesse and Jake now than to string them along, pretending that everything was fine when it clearly wasn't.

And it was better to tell Lilly now, even if it meant hurting Oliver, because if she told Lilly now and got shot down, then she could start to move on, knowing it would never happen.

This was what she had to do, and there was no way around it. Something was telling her that maybe she could be the one. A soft knock was heard from her door, and Miley looked up from her position on the floor on the other side of her bed, and was quite surprised to find her father standing there.

She didn't even bother to get up or tell him to come inside, because he had already entered, a nervous smile across his face. With a deep sigh he bent down to pick them up, before he went around the bed and sat down next to her, his back against the side of the bed. She still had the picture of her and Lilly in her hands, and she didn't know what to say, because she had never been in this situation before.

He didn't say anything for a second or two, simply stared at the two pictures he had now placed on the floor in front of him. Miley swallowed loudly and swept a finger across Lilly's face, still not sure how she should handle this, except she knew she had to handle it somehow. She had always talked to her father about everything, and she figured that this should be no exception — no matter how hard it was to get it said.

Robbie Ray nodded softly and glanced quickly at the two pictures again, before he looked back at his daughter, "God knows none of them deserves ya', Miles, you're so much better than them. Instead, she glanced back down at Lilly's smiling face. She felt an arm sneak around her shoulders and pull her close, "What are ya' gonna do now, Bud?

I know Lilly's with Oliver, and though I don't get what she sees in that boy, they're still a couple, and it's hard messin' with that. But ya' shouldn't be waitin' 'round either, not if that makes ya' unhappy. She briefly wondered how long he had known, how long he had been noticing things, but she didn't want to ask him about all of that right now, they had plenty of time for that.

Right now she just wanted to figure out how to deal with this entire situation, and perhaps her father could help her with that.

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And now she's with him, and how can I ruin their happiness? Ya' hafta take that chance to know. She wanted to tell Lilly, it was all she did, but she didn't want to hurt Oliver. It seemed impossible not to, there was just no way. Robbie Ray pushed himself off of the floor and stood up, making sure to trample across the two pictures on her floor. Miley didn't comment on it, and he seemed contend with that.

He didn't turn around, "Yeah, Bud? With me liking Lilly? Miley let her eyes wander to the picture in her hands again, her eyes settling on Lilly's smile yet another time.

hannah montana 3x19 online dating

She was pretty sure about this, as only one person was on her mind — Lilly really could be the one. Though he had claimed to only want her to be happy, he did not take it well.

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He kept asking her what Jesse had that he didn't, and when she finally caved and told him that she had decided to not date either of them, he had been even more crushed, whereas she had told Jesse that she liked someone else and she simply just had to give it a shot. He had taken it pretty well and told her to ring him in case she ever regretted her decision.

Hannah Montana Forever S04E05 It's the End of the Jake as We Know It

She had thanked him for that, not that she ever thought she would. She was into Lilly and her only hope now was that she wouldn't wreck everything when she told her.

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She wasn't even sure where to begin or end with that, or when she should do it, but at least she knew now that that was the plan and it made her feel a lot better to actually have decided something. Oliver was also in the picture and she desperately wished that she wouldn't hurt him. Right now she was strumming her guitar again, still working on He Could Be the One. But for some reason it wasn't really flowing for her anymore. She had been so crazy about the lyrics when she first made the song with Jesse; she had thought about Jake and what a great guy he was, and everything had seemed to flow much better.

But it didn't sound quite right now. Something had changed, and she knew it was because she couldn't be singing about Jake when she wasn't with him and had broken his heart.

She knew that she couldn't, but the song was still too good to let go. She'd just have to correct it. With a smile on her face, she strummed her guitar again, "She's got somethin' special And when she's lookin' at me I wanna get all sentimental She's got somethin' special I can hardly breathe, somethin's tellin' me Tellin' me maybe she could be the one She could be the one, she could be the one She could be the one, she could be the one She could be the one That was much better, much more true.

It wasn't right to sing that he could be the one, when her one really was a she and everybody around her knew it. Miley closed her eyes for a second, contemplating how to do this, how to go around it. All she wanted was to actually name the song She Could Be the One, but people would question that, and she wasn't quite sure if she wanted Hannah to come out of the closet.

There was a huge possibility that she'd lose a lot of her fans, and she wasn't ready for that. She was going to have to settle with the original lyrics on her CD, only knowing the true meaning of them herself. She turned around on the small bench and found him standing in the slide-door into their living room, hands stuffed deeply into his pockets, and a sideways grin across his face. She hadn't really thought she'd have an audience, and having him there, listening to her private rewrite, was quite shocking.

He bit his lip, "For some reason it sounds way more believable when you use 'she' instead of 'he'. He didn't sound mad or confused, he didn't seem angry. He just seemed like Miley was very confused about his actions. Any normal person would question that — question why she sang about a 'she' when she was supposedly interested in two 'he's. Oliver nodded and moved around in his seat a little, suddenly seeming quite nervous, "Miley, there's something I need to tell you She had never seen Oliver act like this before, and really He was acting very weird — even for him, and that said a lot.

Miley felt nailed to the spot. Did — did Oliver know about her feelings? But how could he!? She had been so careful, never letting it show just how much she cared about Lilly.

She had tried her best not to act differently after she figured out how she felt about her blonde friend. She really tried to hide it from him — from Lilly too — and yet he knew? Her father had known too, so maybe she wasn't such a good actress as she thought she was. It was just horrible, because now she was going to have to deal with him, and he'd probably tell her not to tell Lilly.

Oliver sighed heavily and shook his head, brown hair flying around him, "Yup! What does one reply to that? She didn't want to make a complete fool out of herself like she so usually did in front of other people when she was in bad situations. But this was Oliver for God's sake!

She knew him so well, she should be able to tell him this and still get gracefully through it. She was in love with his girlfriend, and she was ashamed of that, because they were happy, "I promise I won't act on it, I would never do that to ya'.

I'd never ruin your relationship with Lilly. A small smile played across his lips, "Don't worry, Miley, there's not a relationship to ruin.

Did you, not once, find that a little weird? Sure, she had found it strange that they were dating, she had found it sort of awkward when they all hung out, but she had never found it weird how they got together. Those things happened, didn't they? Lilly had said that it had been at a party and suddenly she had just felt it. It seemed completely normal to her.