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Stay up to date with the latest news from the Arab World and worldwide, in-depth Live streaming of Al Arabiya News Channel and Al Arabiya Al Hadath. 4 تموز (يوليو) alarabiya live tv,قناة العربية مباشر,قناة العربية بث مباشر,العربية بث مباشر, Watch Online,قناة العربية,alarabiya tv mobile. MBC Group (Middle East Broadcasting Center) is the largest and leading Arabic language news channel); Al Hadath (an extension of Al Arabiya News Furthermore, MBC Group includes online platforms:, www., stars and kept them up-to-date with all the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

These programs cover current affairs, business and financial markets, and sports. It is rated among the top pan-Arab stations by Middle East audiences. On 26 JanuaryAmerican president Barack Obama gave his first formal interview as president to the television channel.

Al Arabiya is said to be the second most frequently watched channel after Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia. Premiering on 19 Octoberit is still running. The Special Mission team contributed in setting the tone of the program early on, and has since maintained it. Based on the investigative Panorama concept, the program addresses a single issue in depth each week, showing either a locally produced program or a relevant documentary, in the form of stories from many areas around the world.

The program has won many awards for investigative journalism, and broken many high-profile stories.

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Issues like politics, economy, and religion are addressed. Many key principle artists, writers and politicians in the Arab world have also appeared on the show.

From Iraq is a socio-political, humanitarian program which strives to uncover the realities inside of Iraq. The program is broadcast Sundays and presented by Mayssoun Noueihed.

The show provides analysis on global terror attacks around the globe, shining a spotlight on religious, social, economic, and political factors. It also provides interviews with well-known figures. It is hosted by Mohammed Altoumaihi. The program typically follows an influential business person, including outside of their office, in order to better understand their ways of thinking. It is presented by Fatima Zahra Daoui, and has been on air since June It is known be hard-hitting and has also been known to invite controversial figures, such as Jean-Marie Le PenSyrian President Bashar al-Assadand others.

It holds an editorially strong package geared predominantly towards the ever-growing Saudi male youth, who are fully engaged in the car-pimping culture. The show is built around highlights from the Saudi League and features a tabloid review of the happenings in the Saudi football world.

Waleed Al-Farraj, is one of the most influential sports anchors, who is highly regarded by Saudis for his bold and open approach. Walid enjoys massive social media equity with more than 2M twitter followers.

Following that success, the lifestyle male website was launched by end of The channel is also considered, the only Arab male entertainment destination in the region; delivering a focused and dynamic experience, which extends out of TV, into on-ground, online and social media.

It delivers a programming mix of children's education and entertainment that connects with, and stimulates, the imagination of Arab kids aged between 3 to 13 years. It also creates quality-viewing time for parents. During the span of the past ten-year, MBC3 proved to be the No. The channel focuses on local productions in Arabic, including edutainment, games and reality shows, while also continuing its various long-standing international studio deals and partnerships.

In addition to, The Nicktoons, programs including: And for the younger audiences, The Nick Jr. It was the first private radio station in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. MBC FM shaped the concept of radio listening in the entire Kingdom, and it continues to succeed in providing the best Gulf music, poetry and entertainment. Thanks to the distinctive Gulf flavor of its integrated package of programs, MBC FM Radio provides a rich heritage that enriches the life of generations in the Saudi society.

Now, with a new identity that provides contemporary Pan Arab and Khaleeji music, the Station has become characterized by a trademark that is more focused on the youth market in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through offering the best at all in an attempt to disseminate the entertainment experience on the radio stations.

The network aims to contribute to the advancement of Saudi football, and provide extensive and complete coverage for all Football fans through the work of a group of reporters, media analysts, and commentators, in addition to contributing to the development of the clubs and consolidate their positions while improving the game. To keep pace with the matches, the channels will present its viewers with a bouquet of programs comprising of analytical panels and talk shows with select media and sports personalities.

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Furthermore, there will be extensive coverage of the matches, accompanied with special programming before and after the games. With an extensive global network of correspondents and reporters Al Arabiya News Channel provides its audiences with the latest updates, scoops, interviews and exclusives.

And with nearly 30 offices around the world including a large-scale presence in several key countries such as Iraq, Palestine, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Yemen, Al Arabiya enjoys a competitive edge in providing on-the-ground, first-hand coverage of major events of relevance to its audience and the world at large. From an editorial perspective, Al Hadath focuses on extensive live coverage of events as they happen from across the Arab world and beyond.

This focus includes reporting on politics, breaking news, sports, business and finance. Al Hadath aims to reinvent the way networks operate within the restriction of conventional television programming. They do this with a capable team of reporters who ensure an uninterrupted news feed and truly impartial news coverage.

Al Arabiya and Al Hadath news channels occasionally share key content in addition to news bulletins. The channel offers a fresh selection of music videos, concerts, music and lifestyle programs as well as series. The General Entertainment channel broadcasts an exciting mix of western premium TV series, talk shows, soaps and movies. With an attractive mix of sports, entertainment, movies and music content, along with its user interactivity and social networking features, MBC.

The site can be browsed in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Persian. Rather, the website hosts content from the majority of MBC on-air programs in addition to other networks. O3 is one of the regional market leaders in producing and distributing the best-of content as well as providing inventive programming, documentaries, docu-dramas, factual entertainment, reality shows, Arabic drama, dubbed drama and more.

Other productions include 04, a new transmedia experience in the region, Rubi, an Arab adaptation of the famous telenovella, and more recently, Neeran Sadeeqa, a Syrian series, which aired in Ramadan