Who is eike batista dating

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who is eike batista dating

Samba Queen: Brazilian Playboy cover girl and model Luma de Oliveira was married to the country's richest man Eike Batista for 13 years until. Flavia Sampaio has been dating Eike Batista, Brazil's richest man, for 4 years. studiojul.info These billionaire wives and girlfriends are no. Now the 8th richest man in the world, billionaire Eike Batista shares his was learned under pressure, sometimes from deeper issues dating.

Share offerings have been hit by a wave of cancellations. Twenty-seven companies postponed or withdrew initial public offerings this year through June 20, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Investors abandoned the IPO market after the U. Batista's appetite for risk -- and for oil -- is helping him buck the IPO trend. After plowing capital into gold mines in the s and '90s and then into nickel, copper, iron ore and several nonmining businesses in subsequent years, Batista's new bet is offshore crude.

Eike Batista

The company, created last year, was valued at 35 billion reais after one of Brazil's biggest share sales. The same month, Petrobras said the nearby Tupi oil field contained 5 billion-8 billion barrels of oil, the biggest find in the Americas since And in April, Brazil's oil regulator said the Carioca field, in the same vicinity, may contain as much as 33 billion barrels.

who is eike batista dating

The announcements fueled share gains at Petrobras, which was the world's sixth-largest company as of June 20, surpassing Microsoft, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Reassuring Investors Batista said in a Bloomberg interview on Feb.

Gros says such moves give Batista credibility. While he pursues commodities riches, Batista also has large construction projects on the drawing board. One north of Rio would ship iron ore, ethanol and general cargo. Another near Sao Paulo would be a container port. The ports and other business pursuits have drawn the attention of regulators, and some say Batista cuts corners or breaks rules to get things done in a country known for bureaucratic red tape. Fined Three Times His MMX mining company has been fined three times since mid- for buying charcoal produced from wood in areas where logging was restricted, according to documents from Brazil's environmental agency, known as Ibama.

The Pantanal is the world's largest freshwater wetlands, 10 times the size of Florida's Everglades, according to the Arlington, Virginia-based Nature Conservancy. MMX was fined 1 million reais twice in and 3 million reais this year.

The fall of Brazil’s playboy billionaire

Environmental Impact In March, state public defender Thiago Tozzi filed a civil suit in the northeastern state of Ceara that accuses MPX and the state's environmental agency, Semace, with failing to produce a proper environmental impact study for a megawatt coal-fired power plant, court documents show.

Three federal prosecutors filed a civil complaint on April 24 that seeks an order condemning LLX for acts aimed at taking possession of Indian land.

Indians' Claims Brazil's National Indian Foundation, or Funai, is trying to get the government to confer Indian reservation status on the 2, hectare 7,acre oceanfront property, called Piacaguera, says Cristiano Hutter, the foundation's chief in Peruibe.

who is eike batista dating

He says the foundation has accepted the Indians' claims that their ancestors lived on the land for centuries. Funai has sent the request to Brazil's Justice Ministry for approval. No date has been set for a decision, and a federal judge has ruled that LLX can't start construction until the matter is resolved.

Batista says the Indians aren't originally from the area and only recently settled there for economic reasons. He wants to move them to a farm he plans to buy 30 kilometers 19 miles from the coast. Records Back to At Peruibe's history museums, photos of Tupi-Guarani huts on the Piacaguera land in illustrate a section of the exhibit called Native Roots.

who is eike batista dating

Funai says there are records of the Indians on the land that date as far back as He's named in the prosecutors' complaint, which says Fadlalah hired Funai employees and Indians as consultants to try to deceive other Indians to pack up and leave.

Fadlalah says that LLX hired consultants but denies they were instructed to lie or bribe the Indians. His Father's Stories Batista had experience with mining's challenges from a young age. He was born in the mining state of Minas Gerais and grew up hearing stories about iron ore, railroads and ports from his father, Eliezer Batista da Silva. Now 84, his father was a civil engineer who started working at Vale in and became CEO in He was also Brazil's mines minister in and ' Da Silva moved to Dusseldorf, Germany, inand later to Brussels, to expand Vale's international operations.

He returned to Rio inserving as CEO until The state-owned company was privatized in Batista says his father, now an MMX board member, wasn't at home for most of his childhood and that his disciplined German mother, who died inwas a large influence.

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Batista moved with the family to Germany and at 18 enrolled at RWTH Aachen University, where he earned a degree in metallurgical engineering. He says he discovered an entrepreneurial talent while selling insurance policies in Aachen to supplement his student allowance. He worked as an intermediary in the gold and precious stones trade, finding buyers in Sao Paulo and Rio and keeping 5 percent of the deals as a fee.

He says he dealt with wildcat gold panners in the jungle and once had a bodyguard shoot and kill a man who drew a gun during a money dispute. Soon after, he decided to mechanize production.

He lost a few million dollars in the process, as the mine was located in a remote area and accessible only by airplane. Inhe began to study metallurgical engineering at the University of Aachen in Germany. When he was 18 years old, his parents returned to Brazil. Batista remained abroad and began selling insurance policies door-to-door to make his living. In interviews, he often mentions that the "stress" and the lessons learned from this experience were essential for his education.

Batista returned to Brazil in the early s and focused his attention on the gold [22] and diamond trades. He established himself as a salesman, contacting producers in the Amazon area and buyers in large metropolitan centers in Brazil and Europe.

When he was 23 years old, he started a gold trading firm, called Autram Aurem, using the Inca Sun as the company trademark and symbol.

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He implemented the first mechanized alluvial gold mining plant in the Amazon, marking the beginning of the EBX Group. Personal life[ edit ] Batista married the model Luma de Oliveira inand divorced her in They had two boys, Olin and Thor. In the 90s, he was the Brazilian, U.

Inhe covered the nautical miles between Santos and Rio de Janeiro in 3h01m47s and beat the record for the course in his boat, the Spirit of Brazil. Batista [26] maintains an active digital life, with a personal site with articles, videos and news about his companies.

who is eike batista dating

The digital channel that Batista has chosen as his primary means of personal communication is Twitter. National and international rankings[ edit ] InBatista was listed by Forbes magazine as the 8th richest person in the world [28] and the richest in South America.

who is eike batista dating