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What should I do practically to wait? Here are a few questions: Ano po yung 10 points regarding courting? Kasi yun yung reason kung bakit may relationship. Prerequisite yun sa marriage. Nakikita ka na ba nila as someone responsible enough to take on a responsibility? Sa akin Fayedi ako komprtable dun. Kung titingnan mo sa Bible, women are pursued, and men are the ones to take action. Pagpray mo muna yung tao na gusto mong ligawan. Ask God for wisdom.

Spare yourself and the other person the possible heartbreak later on. Make sure this person is the one on your checklist. Okay lang po ba magpray na for future partner kahit college pa lang? Kandy Kandy is the capital of the hill country. It is 1, feet above sea leveland 72 miles from Colombo. Kandy is a mountain resort and the market center for an area producing tea, rubber, rice and cacao. The main part of the city overlooks a scenic artificial lake built by Kandy's last king in Kandy is noted for local handicrafts such as reed and lacquer work and silver and brassware.

The population here is overClothing Although Kandy is cooler than Colombo, the same type of clothing is generally appropriate for both. A sweater may be necessary in the evening, especially in December and January.

Ready-made clothing, except for batiks, is not readily available in Kandy. Tailoring is good, but some fabrics are available. Food Staples are generally available here.

The local beef is quite good. Chicken, ham, pork, and bacon—available at Cargills, Elephant House, and almost all grocery stores—are also good. The imported food generally is expensive. A limited supply of medicines can be found at Cargills and at Lanka Medicals. Shoes, as well as most mechanical and electrical items, can be repaired.

Beauty shops and dry cleaning facilities offer adequate services. Domestic help is available and is well trained. Salaries for domestic help are generally lower than in Colombo.

Kandy has a general hospital, seldom used by Americans, and the Lakeside Medical Center a Seventh Day Adventist institutionwhich has acceptable facilities. Local specialists may be called in for consultation at the center or seen at the Channeled Practice Services, a facility permitting government physicians to have private patients.

The Japanese have built and equipped a teaching hospital on the campus of the School of Medicine at Peradeniya. This provides additional services and facilities. For major medical and hospitalization problems, facilities are better in Colombo. Recreation The Temple of the Tooth, visited by Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world, is in Kandy. The sacred tooth relic of the Buddha is said to have been brought to Sri Lanka early in the fourth century, hidden in the hair of an Indian princess.

The temple, which is Sri Lanka's holiest Buddhist shrine, was bombed in early The government accused the Tamil Tigers of committing the bombing. Kandy, the island's chief city in medieval times, was the final stronghold of the Sinhala kings and the last place to fall under foreign rule. Things to see include the kings' audience hall, the four devales templesthe artificial lake constructed by Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe last king of Kandy inthe elephants' bathing place in Katugastota, the botanical gardens and university at Peradeniya, and the Kandyan Art Association.

The most spectacular religious festival, the Esala Perahera, generally takes place in July or August, depending on the astrologically auspicious moment, and ends on the day following the night of the full moon.

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By the last night, as many as 80 to elephants, caparisoned in velvet, satin, and silk with silver ornaments, move in the procession. Chief of all elephants is the Maligawa district where Kandy is located tusker, bearing a replica of the casket which holds the sacred tooth relic. In Kandy, active sports may be enjoyed either at the Garden Club, which has tennis courts, or at the Hotel Suisse, which opens its pool and tennis courts to membership by monthly subscription and entrance fee.

Nuwara Eliya, 48 miles three hours from Kandy, in Sri Lanka's beautiful tea country at an elevation of 6, feet, has an hole golf course.

Rugby, soccer, and cricket matches are held in season. Occasionally, English-language movies are shown in Kandy cinemas.

Classic American movies, shown periodically at the Kandy American Center, are open to a limited number of Americans. Occasionally, movies also are shown at the British Council Library. Concerts by local or foreign artists, sponsored by various Kandy organizations, are scheduled about every two months. A local dance band plays on alternate nights at two Kandy hotels. The Kandy Lake Club is a gambling casino. There are a few nice picnic spots near the city, particularly the Victoria Dam area.

Mountains, beaches, and wildlife parks are from three to seven hours from Kandy by car. The city was founded in B. Today, it is one of the world's leading Buddhist centers. An ancient pipal tree here is thought to have grown from a piece of the Bo Tree at Buddh Gaya in Indiaunder which Guatama Buddha attained enlightenment.

Interesting sites include a palace, ruins of a rock-hewn temple, large stupas, and other relics. With a population of over , Galle is an agricultural market center, exporting tea, rubber, coconut oil, cloves, and other products from the surrounding region. Known as early as B.

Under the Dutch, it was the capital of Ceylon from to The Dutch built a fort here to guard the harbor and it still stands today. The city came under British rule inand its commercial importance continued until the Suez Canal was opened in It further declined when the British built the modern harbor at Colombo in Separated from India by the Palk Strait, Jaffna and the peninsula are densely populated.

There are approximatelyinhabitants here, most of whom are Tamil-speaking people. Tobacco, rice, coconuts, palmyra palm, and vegetables are grown in the region, and fishing is an important occupation. Industries include those for salt, cement, chemical, and tobacco production, as well as textile weaving and gold filigree work. Elephants, peppers, and other commodities are traded. Remains of the ancient Tamil culture, as well as traditions from the Portuguese and Dutch occupations in the 17th and 18th centuries, are found here.

It has a population of more thanMatara is centered in a region rich with coconut palms and cinnamon trees. An old Portuguese fort is among the sites located here. The city is a fishing center and a market for coconut products and cinnamon; handicrafts include ceramics and brassware. Many 17th-century Dutch buildings still stand in Negombo. Sri Lanka's international airport is located just outside the city.

It is the center of the precious-stone industry. The Buddhist temple, Maha Saman Dewale, is nearby. Ratnapura has a population of over 40, With a population exceeding 52, Trincomalee has one of the world's finest natural harbors.

Exports traded here include tea, hides, and dried fish. A railroad terminus and an important road junction, Trincomalee sometimes written Trinkomali is also known for its coconut and rice plantations, and some pearl fishing. On its site, the Dutch built Fort Frederick in The country, roughly the size of West Virginiais miles long and miles wide at its extremities, and comprises 25, square miles. Sri Lanka has many spots of scenic beauty and historic interest.

Topographically, the island consists of two main sections: Dense vegetation covers a large part of Sri Lanka, particularly the southern and western coasts. Rubber and coconut trees grow in the midlands and lowlands, and there are vast tea estates in the highlands. Sri Lanka has a varied effect on Westerners who remain on the island a considerable time without a break. People who like hot weather and are active in sports usually enjoy themselves and keep physically fit and mentally alert.

Those accustomed to seasonal changes find the tropical climate monotonous and enervating. The climate, except in the mountains, is hot and humid. Humidity is always high, often in the 90s. The monsoons produce two main rainy seasons. The southwest monsoon lasts roughly from mid-May into early fall. During this period the southwestern part of the island, including Colombo, receives much of its average annual rainfall of inches.

The northeast monsoon lasts from about October or November through February. The northern and eastern parts of the island receive virtually all of their average annual rainfall of 60 inches at this time. Monsoon showers range from gentle to torrential in the Colombo area. December through March are usually the driest months. Because of the massive Mahaweli hydroelectric and irrigation scheme, water shortages and interruptions of electricity during the dry months are less frequent than in the past.

Colombo's climate compares to the hot, humid summers in Washington, DC. Even during the cooler period December and Januarymost Americans depend on electric fans or air-conditioning to keep comfortable. Population The population of Sri Lanka is Currently it stands at. Most live in the northern and eastern provinces, but many Ceylon Tamils live in Colombo and throughout the island. Most were disenfranchised in Sri Lanka by legislation passed in Because India also refused to recognize them as citizens, the Indian Tamils were considered stateless.

A agreement with India provided for repatriation of many to India and the granting of Sri Lankan citizenship to others on a ratio. InSri Lankan citizenship was extended tostateless Indian Tamils.


Christians can be found in both the Sinhalese and Tamil communities. Racial tension between the Sinhalese and Tamil communities erupted into violence in and continued in varying degrees of intensity untilwhen the government and Tamil rebels announced a cease-fire. The peace only lasted a few months, however, before Tamil rebels renewed their attacks on government installations. Sinceover 51, people have been killed, and more thanTamils have fled the island.

Government The year foreign presence on the island Portuguese, Dutch, and British has influenced Sri Lanka's government, jurisprudence, and administration. Sri Lanka became independent in after being a British colony for over years. It initially opted for dominion status in the Commonwealth, like nearby India and Pakistan.

But, unlike India and Pakistan, it retained dominion status only until when the island was formally proclaimed a democratic republic and a unitary state with the office of governor-general converting to a ceremonial presidency. During that period, real power was vested in Parliament and in a prime minister under the British pattern. The constitution proclaimed Sinhala the official language with some provision for the use of Tamil and Buddhism the foremost religion with religious freedom guaranteed to all.

Following the overwhelming electoral victory of the United National Party UNPa decision was made to revamp the constitutional system more along continental than British lines.

The result was the constitution which established an executive and active presidency, abolished the upper house of legislature, and established a system of proportional representation as the basis for future parliamentary elections. The constitution also elevated Tamil to the status of an official national language.

An executive president, elected for a six-year term, serves as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, chief of state, and head of government. The position is based largely on the French model. The president appoints and heads a cabinet of ministers who are responsible to a seat unicameral legislature. The president's chief lieutenant is the prime ministerwho is the leader of the ruling party in Parliament. Communal tension in Sri Lanka has remained high since Julywhen the worst communal violence in the country's post-independence history occurred.

Following the killing of 13 members of an army patrol all Sinhalese by Tamil terrorists fighting for a separate Tamil state in the north and east, Sinhalese mobs took to the streets of Colombo and then throughout Sinhalese-majority areas, attacking Tamils and their property. Hundreds of Tamils were killed in the ensuing violence and tens of thousands were left homeless, as mobs attacked Tamils and their property throughout much of the island.

The riots led to a burgeoning of Tamil militant groups in the north and east and to continued military and political confrontation between the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil militants. By mid, the situation had reached an impasse. The government's policy of pressing the insurgents militarily, although attempting to negotiate with Tamil moderates, had not succeeded.

In an attempt to break the deadlock, Sri Lanka brought India directly into its communal dispute. Under a July 29,accord signed by the President and the Indian Prime Minister, Sri Lanka made many concessions to Tamil demands, including devolution of some powers to the provinces, merger subject to later referendum of northern and eastern provinces, and official status for the Tamil language.

India agreed to establish order in the north and east and to cease assisting Tamil insurgents. A key element of the accord soon fell apart. By latethe Indian troops were being withdrawn, but the army and LLTE continued to have confrontations. The peace process fell apart after a few months, when additional demands by the rebels went unfulfilled. After Tamil terrorists attacked two gun-boats and an army base, the government went on the offensive by blockading the Tamil stronghold of Jaffna and attacking rebel positions.

By the end of the death toll from almost 15 years of civil war had surpassed 50, Despite JVP violence, a parliamentary general election was held in February President Premadasa's United National Party won of the seats in Parliament in the first national election held under the system of proportional representation, which had been established by the constitution. The JVP began asserting itself in mid, capitalizing on opposition in the Sinhala community to the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord, it launched an intimidation campaign.

Using terrorist tactics, including assassinations, strikes, and other weapons of intimidation, it brought the country to a virtual standstill several times in and Several thousand people died in JVP-instigated violence and much property, particularly government-owned property, was destroyed. The deaths included government officials, members of political parties who supported the Accord, and innocent civilians. The government fought back, killing another several thousand people suspected to be JVP party members, supporters, or their families.

In latethe JVP party leaders had virtually all been killed or arrested, and the JVP threat appeared to have failed. Prime Minister Wijetunga succeeded him, and called for early elections in August Voters, however, chose a leftist coalition led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga became president.

Nawala project disabled dating

She was reelected in Sri Lanka's legal system reflects the interplay of cultural influences. The criminal law is fundamentally of British origin. The basic system of civil lawa legacy of the Dutch, is Roman-Dutch; but personal law marriage, divorce, inheritance, etc. Thus Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and Buddhists have their own family codes. The judiciary is based on the British model.

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nawala project disabled dating

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