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After four divorces, Melanie Griffith thinks marriage is irrelevant The actress also spoke candidly about dating after her divorce from Antonio Banderas. Aug 13, After four divorces, Melanie Griffith has no plans to marry again. she ruled out dating apps: 'Tinder or something would just be so tacky, I think.' .. Kylie Jenner keeps fans guessing as she rocks sparkling diamond ring on. Oct 23, Melanie and Antonio were granted a divorce in The Spanish actor has been dating Dutch model Nicole Kimpel since his divorce.

Melanie Griffith seen after opening up on dating after Antonio Banderas divorce | Daily Mail Online

Mel B and Belafonte in Credit: At 18, he reinvented himself and high-tailed it to Los Angeles, where he took on a new name and attempted to make it as a film producer. He is listed amongst the crew of films including 's Thank You for Smoking and 's Bad Lieutenant, but his production company Remag folded in amid accusations it failed to file a tax return.

That same year, Belafonte reconnected with Mel B, having known her socially since she moved to Los Angeles in At the time they got together, Mel B was feuding with the actor and comedian Eddie Murphy, with whom she had a short relationship. Belafonte offered the star a shoulder to cry on, supporting her through her pregnancy. I have sex with him five times a day. I have to admit, I'm a nymphomaniac with him.

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A report on BET. They also referred to the producer as a "con man", who had been "evicted from four apartments in L. The newlyweds soon became more famous for their sexual flamboyance than anything dodgy in Belafonte's background. Inwhen asked about her physique, Mel B told Grazia via Digital Spy that it was all down to her vigorous love-life: They have often been accused of having an open relationship, and claimed in that they regularly held up filming of their short-lived reality show Mel B: It's a Scary World by having sex on set.

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Let me put it this way, we're just very sexually compatible in every way. We think very much alike, and we get turned on by the same things.

Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas say they're divorcing after 18 years | Daily Mail Online

My husband is very spontaneous, he's very supportive and solid, he's very honest, very real, very to the point, and loves to work.

So I married myself, basically. Her and Victoria Beckham do not get on at all. Mel B pictured with her estranged sister Danielle Brown in Credit: The sisterly feud erupted in public inwhen Brown accused Mel B of failing to show up at a family reunion she had organised, Brown claiming that she had not seen her sister in three years and that she was yet to meet her son Hendrick.

I am devastated and again disappointed beyond belief!!!!!! Mel B responded by claiming their family matter should be kept private, to which Brown replied: Magazine via The Mirror.

It [does] not sound like the Melanie I know that I grew up with before Stephen came along. It's not a person I know.

Melanie Griffith seen after opening up on dating after Antonio Banderas divorce

As recently as March, the couple seemed happy, Melanie even tweeted a shirtless picture of her husband on a in the Bahamas. The writing's on the wall: Griffith has filed for divorce, as these documents prove 'Antonio!!!!! Banderas and Griffith were drawn to each other on the set of 's Two Much, despite being married to other people But the last time they were pictured together in public was as they arrived back to L.

Then in May, eyebrows were raised when Banderas was pictured in a very friendly embrace with another woman. The Mulholland Falls actress hinted she was not too optimistic about her relationship when she tweeted on May 2: For example, we have a real laugh taking photos. On May 2 the Mulholland Drive actress asked her Twitter followers if they believed in marriage Life goes on: Griffith returned home from errands on Friday, as the divorce news broke 'They gave us six months': As Antonio has explained, the pair - here at the premiere of Desperado in - were pretty much written off at the very beginning 'I wouldn't be able to count, but it's a lot!

But we love each other and above all we love our family. The mother-of-three also has a year-old daughter Dakota with ex-husband Don Johnson, and a year-old son Alexander with ex-husband Steven Bauer. Banderas and Griffith flanked their daughter Stella at a Marbella charity gala in Blended family: Demented star also has a daughter Dakota, 23 Mand son Alexander, 27 with exes The couple recently finished working on the sci-fi thriller Automata and Antonio just directed Melanie in Akil, due for a December release.

They have also weathered storms together, Griffith has been to rehab three times for addictions to cocaine, painkillers in alcohol, and two of those - in andwere during her marriage to Banderas. InGriffith also underwent surgery for skin cancer. The Pacific Heights star once admitted that when she was 10 she would drink wine 'like a soft drink. I was medicating myself so I could escape my pain and insecurities.

The star still proudly shows off her Antonio tattoo Griffith, now vocal and active worker for addiction charities, has openly talked about her wild years, and how she started to drink when Hitchcock blonde mother Tippi Hedron was busy with work.

Her battle to stay sober has proved a real challenge for the couple, with the Working Girl star admitting in the past she would like her husband to be more involved in her recovery. Inan interview with AARP magazine highlighted how the pair have differing recollections of dealing with her most recent relapse.

As Banderas recalled, both himself and their children were present through her struggle, saying: After initial doubts were unfounded, it became accepted that Banderas and Griffith were one of the strongest relationships in showbiz Assets: