Louis farrakhan racial dating preferences

Twitter says no plans to ban Farrakhan after comparison of Jews to termites | The Times of Israel

louis farrakhan racial dating preferences

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan delivers a speech at the she is, and always has “been against all forms of racism,” and that she is . Clinton meant protecting the sexual harassment laws he supported. . Legal; Privacy Policy · Terms of Use · Your Privacy Rights · Ad Choices; Privacy Preferences. “Minister Farrakhan's statements about Jewish, queer, and trans one free from anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, and. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan speaking on October 14, , in Michigan. nothing about hating somebody because of their religious preference. other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual .

In the course of the flight, he received instructions from Elijah Muhammad, one of his predecessors in the movement.

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He grew up in Boston. A gifted child musician, he started his working life as "Calypso Gene", a nightclub entertainer.

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His life changed in when he met Malcom Little, later to be much better known as Malcolm X, and converted to Islam. Walcott abandoned his music, and changed his name to Louis X. He adopted the name Louis Haleem Abdul Farrakhan in Malcolm X was a leading light of the Nation of Islam until an acrimonious and highly personal split with the then leader, Elijah Muhammad, in The following year Malcolm X was assassinated; three followers of the Nation of Islam were subsequently convicted.

Farrakhan has since then criticised his former mentor's teachings. Elijah Muhammad died in and was succeeded by his son Wallace Deen Muhammad who began to reform the movement, denouncing his father's rigid blacks-only policy as racist and anti-Islamic. This was not at all to Farrakhan's taste. The event was similar to the earlier Nation's celebrations, last held in Chicago on February 26, At the convention's keynote address, Farrakhan announced his attempt to restore the Nation of Islam under Elijah Muhammad's teachings.

Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi had also offered Farrahkan guns to begin a black nation. Farrakhan said that he told Gaddafi that he preferred an economic investment in black America. In this 'Vision-like' experience he was carried up to "a Wheel, or what you call an unidentified flying object ", as in the Bible's Book of Ezekiel.

During this experience, he heard the voice of Elijah Muhammadthe leader of the Nation of Islam. As I attempted to read the cursive writing, which was in English, the scroll disappeared and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad began to speak to me.

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I want you to hold a press conference in Washington, D. The count however fell far below the hoped-for numbers. The National Park Service estimated that approximatelywere in attendance. In it, he quoted from spirituals as well as the Old and New Testaments and termed himself a prophet sent by God to show America its evil.

louis farrakhan racial dating preferences

Many other distinguished African American addressed the throng including: He implied that the levee's destruction was a deliberate attempt to wipe out the population of the largely black sections within the city. Farrakhan has raised additional questions and has called for federal investigations into the source of the levee break. The report from the ILIT said "The findings of this panel are that the over-topping of the levees by flood waters, the often sub-standard materials used to shore up the levees, and the age of the levees contributed to these scour holes found at many of the sites of levee breaks after the hurricane.

Following the presidential electionFarrakhan explained, during a BET television interview, that he was "careful" never to endorse Obama during his campaign. And unfortunately, or fortunately, however we look at it, the media said I 'endorsed' him, so he renounced my so-called endorsement and support.

louis farrakhan racial dating preferences

But that didn't stop me from supporting him. But he has turned into someone else, Farrakhan told the crowd.

louis farrakhan racial dating preferences

You can still be a Christian; you just won't be a devil Christian. You can still be a Jew, but you won't be a satanic Jew. At the third such ceremony, which was held on Saviours Dayit was announced that nearly 8, members of the organisation had undergone Dianetic auditing.

The Organisation announced it had graduated 1, auditors and had delivered 82, hours of auditing.

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The graduation ceremony was certified by the Church of Scientology, and the Nation of Islam members received official certification. He stated that "The unfolding story of the Nation of Islam and Dianetics is bold, it is determined and it is absolutely committed to restoring freedom and wiping hell from the face of this planet. We don't give a damn about no white man law if you attack what we love.

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And frankly, it ain't none of your business. What do you got to say about it? Did you teach Malcolm? Did you make Malcolm? Did you clean up Malcolm? Did you put Malcolm out before the world? Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with him like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours? You just shut your mouth, and stay out of it.

Because in the future, we gonna become a nation. And a nation gotta be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats. The white man deals with his. The Jews deal with theirs. Nobody kept it a secret. It was a badge of honor. Everybody talked about it, yes. At an event in Milwaukee in AugustFarrakhan said: A transcript from part of the sermon was published in The New York Times: Toward the end of that portion of his speech that was recorded, Mr.

Countless times over the years I have explained that I never referred to Judaism as a gutter religion, but, clearly referred to the machinations of those who hide behind the shield of Judaism while using unjust political means to achieve their objectives.

This was distilled in the New York tabloids and other media saying, 'Farrakhan calls Judaism a gutter religion.