Jessica dube loves scott moir dating

Jessica Dube Loves Scott Moir: I feel bad for Toddler Moir

jessica dube loves scott moir dating

Jessica Dube and Scott Moir. Moir! We get it. You aren't just platonic and dating others, you're fucking others. Scott letting us know he's getting. I've spent a lot of the past couple of months obsessed with politics, appalled at most of the media and disgusted by some politicians I'd. When they announced their return to competitive skating just over a year ago, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir had a lot to lose. But it's clear now.

It makes no bones. Read the below on tumblr from a woman claiming to work in pr - it's something we already know, but it nutshells things so well: The PR firms and the PR teams. This tumblr vent went on to say that the goal of ALL pr - her agency's goal, every agency's goal, is to make people feel bad. She CAN feel him up on a nationally televised reality show though, as part of their Olympic prep - isn't that sort of thing the primary reason one hires expensive ice dance choreographic talent?

They have boundaries only when they're not getting paid to to violate them. If someone offered them big bucks to come clean, they'd lose their scruples, I promise. Virtue and Moir were little amateur trailblazers in the fake news arena, but there was a tidal wave right behind them and they jumped aboard.

Both Scott and Tessa do a lot of "empowerment" signaling I ripped that off from virtue signaling, and how I hate the word "empowerment while sustaining a ten year history of gaslighting their fans, who are mostly women.

It's exploitation at its most basic, and built upon the inherent inequality. Nobody can argue that Tessa and Scott didn't manipulate and lie above and beyond, a hundred times over than what was arguably necessary to "protect" whatever they claimed they were protecting. They were aware of what was being said by fans, and fed it back, even when it contradicted earlier narratives. They didn't have the common respect to account for discrepancies - it was always out with the old that we previously insisted you to believe, in with the opposite.

Jessica Dube Loves Scott Moir: So they all still hate Tessa

Fans were like a bug you poke under a magnifying glass. They were often uber-controlling, overheated and intense about it, trying to crawl into fans' heads, which I've never understood. Mommy isn't married to that "Moir dick" and she hooked up with Sidney Crosby in Vancouver.

What do we have here, Toddler Moir-wise? The choice is either that Toddler Moir's nearest and dearest are a bunch of unfiltered, petty, needy, entitled, boundary breaching, overbearing, chip-on-shoulder, narcissistic cases of stubbornly arrested development that Toddler Moir's parents cope with by cravenly enabling left and right, OR the public supporters of Toddler Moir's parents' skating are such incredible assholes Toddler Moir's existence had to be edited out for almost four years.

The latter scenario is intriguing - the idea that the fan intrusiveness they experience is dire enough to edit out their kid's existence from the record, while simultaneously fan intrusiveness was never actually serious enough to warrant the employment of a competent sports management agency. Both scenarios are a wonderful reason to bring a child into the world at ages 21 and Why wait til you can function like a freaking human.

Moirville wants the public to have all kinds of misconceptions and wrong ideas about Scott and Tessa, but especially Scott.

That proves our inferiority, and it asserts their ownership. I tell you what this is - it's humiliating. Not for US, but to see Scott. Where to even start - a twenty six year old man, a father, a husband, a man who as an athlete, a skater, a competitor - is ferociously smart and plain ferocious.

He doesn't give a fuck what you, me or anyone else thinks or says in that arena. He knows himself, he knows what kind of skater he is. Even if we don't know him, we know that about him. So when we see that guy do this, it mortifies. We're in on something we shouldn't be seeing. The family dynamics and agendas and how it works on Scott. We shouldn't be seeing it and that's one thing I don't think they know they're showing us. What we see is an Olympic champion and a husband and a father whose original family has no respect for him as a man, compared to what they expect from him.

We can all see it. He's not a man to them. The sham diminishes him, as do they. I believe the intent of this photo is not sham.

jessica dube loves scott moir dating

I think it's posted to alienate the fans on the web; it's to flip us off, and of course Scott throws himself on the sword, as usual. I'm not saying he doesn't have a choice - he has a choice, but weighing the hierarchy of priorities and all of the other stuff he's got going on, the personalities, the histories - this is path of least resistance. Just chew on that one.

jessica dube loves scott moir dating

THIS is the path of least resistance. Think about what the alternatives must entail. It's uppity as shit of me, and very fanlike, but I'm humiliated for the guy. Somebody should be, so I'll do it! I'm mortified for him. Scott and Tessa are connected to and part of larger communities internationally, in Detroit, in the larger elite athletic performance community, in the USA, and others that have nothing to do with Moirville.

And so Moirville defaults to competing with the public for ownership. One-sided competition, but they need to feel better than, and we're all they've got. They portray the public as wanting ownership of Scott and Tessa, so Moirville can assert their superior claim, and win.

jessica dube loves scott moir dating

Ego-wise, it's as lowest common denominator as it gets, and weird. But if it walks like a duck Even if Virtue Moir's true status was public domain, we in the public wouldn't know Scott and Tessa, we wouldn't have a relationship with Scott and Tessa. I think it's more than the type of competition involved in "being right" or "not giving in". As the sham has morphed over time, I think it's now morphed into an alienation device.

The more we're alienated, the more Scott and Tessa belong to Moirville. This will be one of those posts that gets a lot of editing because it's one of those posts where I'm processing my reaction while posting.

I suspect that because the blog banner mocked the Cassandra sham's recent use of poorly lit long shots, they decided to one up with a clearly focused lip kiss. The year-old Virtue and Moir, 22, find it difficult to describe their relationship, but call themselves both business partners and great friends. The whirlwind romance ended badly with a phone call from Moir. The fact Virtue and Moir have stayed together so long is remarkable in a sport where skaters often swap partners several times in a career.

They've formed a bond through their longevity that shows in their skating, so closely in synch that it's not easy to discern, it seems, where one graceful sweep of the hand ends, and the other begins. Unknown to the average onlooker, the two say there's a lot of improvisation that goes on when they're gliding around the ice.

We're actually talking most of the way through the program, just little key words.