Favilla ukulele dating websites

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favilla ukulele dating websites

Update: The new owner of this bari supplied me with dating info: "Did some research. Tom Favilla posted on FleaMarket Music site this: Hi Chuck, Just saw Dougs posting about his Favilla Baritone Uke. Its an early to mid. Favilla, like Martin, were a mainland US guitar company who were quick to pick up on the trend for ukuleles in the s. They carried on making ukuleles up. Do any of you catalog hounds have any from the early Favilla Brothers' NY shop. .. Join Date: Mar ; Location: Westchester, NY; Posts: 23, .. is looking.

Farmingdale, Long Island, quadrupling the size of the shop. Production hit a peak of about 3, guitars a year. Then by the rapid rise in popularity of the electric guitar financially strapped the company and it had to retrench.

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Not having the financial backing to produce an electric guitar line in volume, the company began to down- size. By commercial production ceased. InI opened a guitar store in Huntington, NY. My father and I built a few custom guitars a year until when Herk retired. I continued building a few guitars a year until when other business matters took up more of my time. In January I sold the retail operation and ceased all building. Some additional thoughts from Tom Over the years I have received many inquiries about the Favilla Company and its instruments from individuals, collectors and stores.

In recent years I have almost been overwhelmed by questions regarding Favilla ukuleles. Some have gone up ten-fold in price.

favilla ukulele dating

This was an exceptionally fine instrument, most bring about one third that price. Many people confuse the points of collectability and playability. I have always felt more comfortable with the playability of Favilla instruments than regarding them as collectables. That is my opinion but I don't make the market, the public does. One point of confusion I would like to clear up is that some early model approx.

All instruments bearing the "Favilla" crest on the headplate were built by the family here in the United States. No soprano ukuleles were produced after Baritone ukuleles were produced until In later years after our instruments followed a rather basic model number pattern.

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Classic guitars started with the letter "C" and steel string guitars with "F". Then came the model number, generally 5, 6, or 8. Custom models were numbered 9 and 10 never more than 12 built in any given year. Help needed to detemine Favilla Soprano Uke's age Yuku free message boards. Grab the Tapatalk App. New and used Favilla items up for sale.

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favilla ukulele dating websites

Find great deals on eBay for favilla and ukulele martin. Find great deals on eBay for favilla ukulele and martin ukulele.

favilla ukulele dating websites

Try our vintage guitar dating by serial number page! Guitar, Bass, Pickup, and Effects Resources. Toggle navigation Main Menu. Shop Policies; For your consideration is this amazing vintage Favilla ukulele. New zealand dating agencies However, having a profile is a huge advantage with online dating sites. The ukulele isn't a native These instruments are all in a family of small guitar-like instruments dating from the Favilla is also credited.

THis was regarding dating the instrument, if it doesn't go to the bay and do advanced search for completed auctions and Favilla u3 ukulele. The Favilla brothers opened their New and the populace still had to fall for both the Ukulele and the Banjo before deciding that the six Dating.

favilla ukulele dating

Find best value and selection for your vintage favilla bros mahogany baritone ukelele search on eBay. Shop Our Value Guides. Some many ukuleles, so few kidneys to sell. I had a Favilla Bari. He told me if there wasn't a label or serial inside, it was more than likely a '