Dating a tatay classical guitar

V. Tatay Vintage Acoustic Classical Guitar, Made in Spain, ’s ’s | eBay

Anybody have any information on Tatay guitars? .. How much is worth a Vicente tatay classical gutar in inmaculated conditions If those of you who have a Tatay and are % certain of the date and place it was. Hijos de Vincente Tatay S.R.C. Classical. Join Date: Jun Posts: 3, Purchased this lovely guitar at the Sunday markets. Mahogany. His Gibson C-1E Classical Guitar is currently listed for sale. below is, in our opinion, a Tatay brand classical dating from the s or s.

I own an original Bt model made in Spain that my father gave me. The guitar is probably close to 70 years old and it is in mint condition. Entry 6 I had a Tatay guitar in late 50's it was handmade in Valencia Spain all wood binding on edgesnothing fancy to look at but what a tone good luck with the research Iain.

Entry 7 I have 3 Taytay Guitars.

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The oldest built by Vincent in in amazing condition. The other two built in Long Island by his Grandson in the late 60's. Would be happy to send you photos. They are for sale Jim Sirna: Anybody have any information on Tatay guitars? The Tatay family crafted some of the finest acoustic guitars. Their craft was passed on from generation to generation. The family shop was on Horseblock Rd. I have a custom-made acoustic made by Tatay that I am looking to sell. Entry 9 I have the pleasure to own and play daily a guitar by V.

This is as much as I know. I may be misinformed in places. Lou Kleinsmith, my "male role model" growing up in New York, owned the Tatay. It was given to me by his son Bill. Lou died years ago, but I believe he told me that the Tatays were ex-pat Spaniards who hung out with the ex-pat guitar community at the end of 14th street in a little coffeeshop on the North side of the street just East of 8th Ave.

This group included on occasion Segovia and Augustin the 'inventor' of the nylon string. I know of no other connection between Tatay and the group.

dating a tatay classical guitar

Augustin's widow would seem the person to ask. I was told that Tatay was the source of the "Pallet Guitar" legend. I heard this first around My guitar is a It is made from terrible mahagony and has a crack the length of its back since my earliest memory. The month and year of manufacture is stamped with an office date stamp on the soundboard cross bar just to the neck end of the soundhole.

Other Tatays I have seen were stamped the same. My guitar seems to be finished with shellac or some shellac based finish. It is now heavily checked with age. The guitar has a wonderful precision in that it seems to have been made face down on a workboard. There is an unbroken straight line from the bottom of the nut going under the rosewood fingerboard and under the rosewood bridge.

So the soundboard and neck must have been butted on the workboard and everything else done from there. There is no binding or purfling at the edge. Just good clean perfect joinery of the sides to the soundboard and back.

After 50 years the neck is straight as an arrow, the joints are all still perfect, and there is no perceivable sinking or cracks in the soundboard. The crack in the back is not on any joint of the maker. I would suspect the wood came from Wild or Constantine back then. The fingerboard oils have dried, dishing the board and making the frets protrude slightly.

Not enough for me to refret it yet. The neck is ever so slightly narrow by today's standards. It's a on the 1st string. I am an amateur player, who has not played at all for years. The label is a Spanish Music Center label pasted over another label which I can't read.

Another, smaller label reads Tatay Spanish Guitars. Anyone have any info? It has a great sound still, even with the old strings.

Entry 11 I just noticed a couple of nights ago that my Tatay guitar had the date July stamped on the foot of the neck inside the guitar. I'm in the process of trying to find out where it was made and every indication is that it was in Farmingville, New York. The label has those two figures dancing and the 13 street address.

Any information would be helpful. Entry 12 My wife found a guitar at a garage sale that has a rounded off gold label at the end of the neck with Tatay Guitars written on it. Is this a real Tatay and, if so, when was it made? I once owned a Tatay purchased in Farmingville, NY in the mid 60s. Sold it because the neck was too wide for my hands.

At the ripe old age of 77 I Have decided I 'd like to resurrect my guitar skills with the instrument my wife found. Is it a real Tatay?

Source 3 Entry 1 More than likely someone is going to ask you to post a picture. Just a heads up. That could be the reason it doesn't have a date on it. Most lower end factory guitarsdon't have a date on the label. If you have a guitar made by the man himself then that would be a completely different story. Initially, pictures would help, I am guessing that an expert would need to see the guitar in person to confirm the source. The date was rubber stamped on the wood above the label.

1950s/60s Tatay Brand Classical Guitar with solid Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides

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Dating a Tatay - Classical Guitar

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dating a tatay classical guitar

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