Dating a roommates friend

dating a roommates friend

Janine Lecroix was Joey Tribbiani's Australian roommate for a brief period of with her because of the repercussions that could come from dating his roommate. Throwaway because my greater circle of friends all frequent reddit. So I have been friends with Jenna (21F) since orientation for college. We. A couple of weekends ago I (male, late 20s) hooked up with my newish roommate's friend (female, late 20s) at a mutual friend's birthday party.

If the boyfriend or girlfriend has been sleeping over for months before you say something, then it will be all the more awkward and disruptive to bring the issue up. Above all, just be chill when talking about boundaries with your roommate.

dating a roommates friend

The two of you might actually have something in common and you can even form a casual friendship with them. If all goes well, you can even hang out with your roommate and their partner without feeing as if you are a third wheel.

Dating Advice: When Roommates Become Lovers!

Lunch and dinner outings will be regular for those lovebirds and you may not see your roommate almost all weekends as well. This will inevitably result in less casual hangouts between the two of you although neither party wants this to happen.

dating a roommates friend

It takes a bit more careful planning, but you two certainly can schedule a regular hangout time with proper discussion and a bit of commitment.

Putting that date into your schedule will solidify your outings together more than you think it will. Join a new club or organization Your roommate is gone all the time and when they are finally around, their significant other is, too.


Participating in club activities of your interest can keep you busy while making new friends in the process. I would love to ask the friend out on a date. What's the protocol in terms of my roommate? Should I mention it?

dating a roommates friend

My instinct says yes, but I'd hate to mention it and then get turned down by her friend. Equally, I'd hate to go on a date and for my roommate to feel weirded out that I didn't tell her. I don't really know any of them well enough to organize a big casual group get together, which might have circumvented the problem.

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I'm waaay inexperienced at this sort of thing as you can probably tell. You definitely don't need your friend's permission; you're all adults. This, right here, would be your roommate's opportunity to say "Ew, gross" or "How dare you" or whatever else. By saying "it's cool, she's awesome," she's giving you the go-ahead.

5 Ways To Deal with Your Roommate's Relationship

While not all hook-ups lead to dating, it's certainly not strange or unexpected when two people hook up, and then start seeing each other more formally - your roommate will not be caught off-guard.

Relax, and date without worry. Well, y'know, without any worry beyond the standard stresses and nervousness of dating. You just need to be prepared for things to possibly be awkward for a bit if it doesn't work out. Mention it to the roommate as a courtesy, but it's on the roommate to ask you not to, not on you to ask permission.

5 Ways to Deal with Your Roommate’s Romantic Relationship

Otherwise it's too much like asking permission, and you don't want to create that dynamic. You're all adults here. Personally, I think this is completely normal and fine. Two of my four LTRs have been with guys I met because they were roommates of my friends! Roommates of friends are great people to date. Anyway, this situation is way more advisable than you hooking up with your actual roommate.