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what is plenty of fish dating site

With a reported 90 million users, the dating website is used by many singletons in their quest to find love. If you've been shopping around for an online dating service, chances are you've at least heard of PlentyOfFish. Few dating sites are as big-or. Slated somewhere between mainstream dating site and hookup venue, POF is ideal for those wanting to dip their toes into the dating pool, without getting tied.

what is plenty of fish dating site

The somewhat addictive online dating site is filled with members eager to interact and express themselves through sexually explicit status updates, photos, videos, and more. The site provides a sexually exploratory realm for members looking for everything from in-person sexual encounters to quick cyber sex and comes complete with X-rated videos and live model chats to help get you in the mood.

The process is pretty straightforward, and asks you to fill out a mix of both closed and open-ended questions on a single form. At the end, the form supplies a space for you to describe yourself, which requires a minimum of characters.

The login process for POF is simple: Like the rest of the site, there aren't any complicated bells or whistles, just the basics needed to get the job done. Notifications for profile views are located in the Alert Center at the top of the page, while the message center and Meet Me feature are just below. As for the first message, expect to receive one from founder Markus Frind. Key Features - Ultra Match is a list of your most probable matches.

As a matter of fact, Frind bets that most members end up seriously dating someone in the first 50 spots, but insists on giving people more options for the sake of letting them feel like they took part in the process of elimination. You will be notified if someone says Yes to your own picture and get a notification, but you need to be a paying member to see who these people are.

This is usually the first thing that new members complete. Overall, I found the assessment to be pretty accurate, and helpful for gauging what one should be looking for in their next relationship given the results. You can also head straight to this page. Like all the others, however, POF warns against giving away too much personal information, and encourages members to report others who are behaving suspiciously.

For a full list of tips and conduct policies, check out their FAQs.

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I wish I could say this is an uncommon occurrence for the site, but that's just not true. Apparently, over the last several years, PlentyOfFish's website has gone down on an almost monthly basis to the chagrin of many of its members. Granted, some of these instances have been for scheduled maintenance, but not most of them.

Either way, these interruptions have become a running joke with members and prove frustrating to PlentyOfFish members who are in the middle of conversations with one another. PlentyOfFish offers little protection for its members from bad behavior. Honestly speaking, this site was designed to attract a different crowd than, say, the soulmate-seeking people over at eHarmony.

This is evidenced by many of the features offered, including one that lets members create their own instruction manual to educate other members on their "seducing style" and how they prefer to be seduced. To make matters worse, however, PlentyOfFish does not give members the ability to block other members from seeing their profile. Unfortunately, there isn't much a member can do when other members do start to get out of hand. To see how bad this can get, read this story from one angry PlentyOfFish member: This is stalker behavior.

If he was standing in front of my house, I could have him arrested for this behavior. PlentyOfFish does not screen for un-dateable individuals. While many dating sites have recently put safeguards in place to keep out un-dateable i. This angry complaint by one PlentyOfFish member is all too common: He turned out to be married. Company did not screen this person well. I am very angry.

what is plenty of fish dating site

Site needs to do better. This is what their "Help" page has to say on the matter: Any user caught doing so is deleted. Users who are deleted may not sign up to the service again. But there is little evidence that PlentyOfFish actually backs up this threat. PlentyOfFish makes it really hard to delete an account. Setting up a profile on this site is easy. Deleting an account--not so much. In many cases, paying members who are unable to close their profiles or accounts simply watch helplessly as PlentyOfFish withdraws money from their accounts again and again.

POF (PlentyOfFish) Review

Whether this is some play to keep their membership numbers high or just an act of supreme ignorance, if you're going to sign up with PlentyOfFish, you should 1 be very wary of getting a paid subscription and 2 accept that once you create a profile it's going to exist on the site forever.

PlentyOfFish's auto-renewal feature makes lots of members angry. At the end of a paid subscription period, PlentyOfFish, per their terms and conditions, takes the liberty of renewing your subscription and taking another payment, whether you ask them to or not, as exemplified by this customer complaint: Later realized that they retained my credit card information and proceeded with unauthorized withdrawal automatically once the three months was up.

They will not return the money and I have no idea what they have done with my financial information. PlentyOfFish has a history of spamming people who never even registered with them.

Nearly all dating sites have a history of abusing their members' inboxes. They send some emails that are relevant to the dating experience, like match notifications or notifications when someone is interested in meeting you. But then they send you lots of other emails and they give your email address to their partners so they can send you lots of emails, too. But the most unusual complaints about PlentyOfFish come from people who never registered with the site but receive their emails.

When I try to unsubscribe, it takes me to an account to complete information that I do not want to complete to fill out a profile. I have tried to message to stop and my requests are ignored. It certainly doesn't reserve its deluge of emails for members only. As with any website, be very careful about who you give your email address to and always read the fine print before you click or agree to anything.