Param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

Is Param SinghHarshita Gaur breaks up

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

Param Singh who has been rumoured to be dating his former co-actor Harshita Gaur has cleared the rumours and stated that there is nothing going on between . I go to the same places. Nothing has changed at all. Fans love the chemistry between you and Harshita Gaur. If fans like our love-and-hate relationship, then it shows we are I am Param Singh's fan number one because. Param Singh is dating his former co-actor Harshita Gaur.(Hindi) in TV show ' Ghulaam' - but in real life, Param Singh is loyal and committed.

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I play a conservative Marwari girl, Sanyukta Agarwal who has had a keen interest in machines from childhood. She has grown up with that passion and wants to become a mechanical engineer at any cost. With our show we don't want to demean anyone, but we just want to make it clear that girls are no less in any field. Mechanical engineering may seem to be made for boys, but it can be a girl's talent too.

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And Sanyukta is out to prove the same to the world going against anything that comes her way as an obstacle to her dreams. How did you end up bagging this role? A friend suggested me that I go for the audition of this show. After going through the audition I got the final call. This project is a really good one and I gave it an instant nod.

Is Param Singh-Harshita Gaur breaks up!

How much do you relate with this character? I relate with it a lot. Even I am an engineer and have the same kind of emotional connect with my mother like my character has. Also similar to Sanyukta, I also want to make a mark in my profession and prove that girls can achieve anything they want. And the way Sanyukta is street smart who can manipulate people to get her work done but not in a bad way, I too sometimes do the same.

Delhi is my favourite shopping destination.

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

It is very easy to work with her. I am very comfortable doing my scenes with her.

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

Both of us endeavour to come out with a good scene. That is the reason behind our success. We chill, play pranks, talk about life, listen to music, watch films What makes you stick to Sadda Haq? After this show, I want to do a film.

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

But God forbid, if I have to do it and have no other option, then I will do just one. So, never say never! I want to do something in which people will take me seriously and feel that I can act. How do you handle crazy fans? I stay in Lokhandwala where many TV actors stay. But whenever I go out of Mumbai, I get mobbed! Recently, it happened in Panchgani and Pune. But honestly, I get embarrassed.

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

I feel happy and flattered but I will be happier if people comment about my acting rather than my looks. There was this girl from Calcutta who once touched my feet! She had come to see me at my place all the way from there.

I was very embarrassed because she was with her father. Then, I have heard that there is one girl who has tattooed my name on her arm. I work 12 hours a day, 27 to 28 days a month! It is hectic but this is the field I have chosen, so no complaints. I get up between 5. I shoot from 7am to 7pm. I come home at 8pm.

param singh and harshita gaur dating sites

I go to the gym at 8. If I have an off next day, I meet my friends and we go pubbing. If I have an off, I play with my dogs Pogo and Pogi, go to the gym, chill with my friends, watch a film or spend time with family.

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You post a lot of pictures of your dogs on Twitter… Yes, one is eight and the other is two. They are my babies. The younger one is a female so I call her my beti! Sometimes, they are like my siblings and sometimes they are my kids. They are pampered a lot. What else are you passionate about?

I like to travel. Goa is my favourite. I have been there times.