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dating site twoo verwijderen latex

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This might be convenient to keep a consistent sectioning and formatting across the different languages. It is also useful if you make use of multiple proper nouns and other untranslated content.

dating site twoo verwijderen latex

Using the commands above in multilingual documents can be cumbersome, and therefore babel provides a way to define shorter names. Here comes a simple example: If you have experience in a language not listed below, please add some notes about it.

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  • LaTeX/Internationalization

Some of the methods described in this chapter may be useful when dealing with non-English author names in bibliographies. Most of the following assumes you are using babel, but polyglossia aims to be compatible with the former, and supports many of the same commands.

dating site twoo verwijderen latex

Use any of the following commands and environments to enter in text: See the ArabTeX Wikipedia article for further details. Armenian[ edit ] The Armenian script uses its own characters, which will require you to install a text editor that supports Unicode and will allow you to enter UTF-8 text, such as Texmaker or WinEdt.

These text editors should then be configured to compile using XeLaTeX.

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Once the text editor is set up to compile with XeLaTeX, the fontspec package can be used to write in Armenian: See Armenian Wikibooks for further details, especially on how to configure the Unicode supporting text editors to compile with XeLaTeX. Cyrillic script[ edit ] Version 3. Support for Cyrillic is based on standard LaTeX mechanisms plus the fontenc and inputenc packages. If you are going to use Cyrillics in mathmode, you also need to load mathtext package before fontenc: However, documents are not restricted to a single font encoding.

dating site twoo verwijderen latex

For multilingual documents using Cyrillic and Latin-based languages it makes sense to include Latin font encoding explicitly. Babel will take care of switching to the appropriate font encoding when a different language is selected within the document. On modern operating systems it is beneficial to use Unicode utf8 or utf8x instead of KOI8-RU koi8-ru as an input encoding for Cyrillic text.

For all three languages, language specific punctuation is provided: Chapter titles are on left hand pages, the section titles on right hand pages.

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The page number appears in the outer head. Now, what can we do to customize the headers and footers?

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We can use the commands that are available with the package, they are described in more detail in the package documentation. Following a few examples that may be needed in real documents. How can one move the page number to the center of the footer and remove the capitalization of the header? The asterisk defines the same content to be on plain pages as well. Usually, pages on which a chapter starts, use the plain style. How can I have my name and title of my thesis in the inner foot?

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You can add font attribute to the header and footer. The page number can be set independently.

dating site twoo verwijderen latex

LaTeX only provides access to the current page number. However, you can use the lastpage package to find the total number of pages, like this: And recall, when using references, that you have to run LaTeX an extra time to resolve the cross-references. With titleps all the format is done in the page style, and not partly when the mark is emitted and partly when the mark is retrieved.

The following example is similar to the previous one, but elements are coloured: