Untv 37 and dating daan scandal

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untv 37 and dating daan scandal

Beginning with the broadcast of Ang Tamang Daan on June 11, , INC INC TV, and INC Cable TV) and MCGI (through SBN 21 and later UNTV Channel 37) aired . The MCGI radio program Ang Dating Daan (ADD) and Iglesia Ni Cristo had Scandal: Eli Soriano SCANDAL - Komiks Clips from Imbestigador (Mike. Ang Dating Daan is a religious radio and television program in the Philippines produced by the through the facilities of UHF Channel UNTV and various radio stations such as DZRH, UNTV-Radio La . Official website · UNTV Channel Nurturers of the Earth is joined by the religious program Ang Dating Daan, which is celebrating its 33rd Anniversary this month, and media channel, UNTV

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Screen capture from Youtube video. For the Napoles clan, millions of dollars was spent on posh properties outside the Philippines.

The family also owned several luxury cars that she and her family cruise the many beautiful places of the Philippines with. Screen capture from Mr.

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This famous list of cars, now retweeted and emailed by Filipinos for dissemination purposes, has a funny twin in satire form, originally posted on this blog: Making light out of a very absurd situation: Purple Max Azria dress.

You can see more of her photos here.

untv 37 and dating daan scandal

Puto loved jewelries so much like he has many hands and neck to adorn, but he appeared to be buying gifts for himself and for others too. The list of Puto for just for watches and jewelries showed the following in Philippine Pesos: Swatch, ; Swatch, 3,; Swatch, 13,; Lucerne, 6,; A. Rialto 14,; Venice jewelers, 40,; and L. Heng Jeweller Singapore 79, For alone, he spent a total of PHPForhis list also showed the following just for watches and jewelries alone: Rialto 23, ; Multi Time,; Gorriceta karat, 18, ; A.

Bro. Eliseo Soriano

And for someone as small as I am, it was nothing but a modern-day miracle. I was weeping and the only thing I could do was disguise my sobs into pretend yawns. She was still looking at me with concern, and so I gave her a small smile to assure her that I was alright, as I wiped away my tears.

untv 37 and dating daan scandal

She gave me a small smile back, and cocked her head to one side — almost as if she was trying to see what was going on in my head. The Journey Begins March 31, — At 3: Silently singing, with hopeful hearts, we readied ourselves and sang hymn no. April ] A review. April ] Digital flowers. April ] At this point, I welcomed the allure of resting my tired eyes for a few hours of sleep. Daybreak came and my eyes fell downward to admire the beauty of Chile.

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Snow powdered chocolate mountains were immediately below us, with ridges that rose and fell beautifully, as if a graceful symphony for the eyes.

Puto is a homosexual and his lavish lifestyle was another interesting controversial story that hugged the limelight simply because the religion he is now a member of can use him all they want in exchange for material sustenance for Puto. Puto lived the life of a rich and powerful just with the swipe of credit cards that he was then entrusted to use as a Department Supervisor of the IT Group of the Ang Dating Daan.

untv 37 and dating daan scandal

Instead, Veridiano embezzled the funds and used the money for his own material luxuries that include luxury watches, jewelries, local and foreign trips to beaches and shopping sprees, including a penis enlarger! Puto Veridiano splurges the money in transforming his ver ugly duckling face into the celebrity kind. Records that were released after exposing Veridiano showed he made expensive purchases that include P3,worth Calvin Klein briefs, P50,worth bracelets, P70,worth luxury watches, and more.

He also plurges a lot of money for eating in posh and luxurious restaurants as if he owned these money! His penis enlarger purchase cost P10, from the House of Condom in Singapore! How was he exposed?