Steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

People reports she is dating Steve Kazee, a Tony-award winning mentioned how his Once costar, Cristin Milioti, helped him cope with the. Steve kazee and cristin milioti dating. Jun 10, · Ch-ch-check out Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti performing with the gorgeous accompaniment of violins. 20 Things to Know About Jenna Dewan's New Beau, Steve Kazee Jenna, on the other hand is dating the lesser-known star, Steve Kazee. His co-star was Cristin Milioti, who famously played the mother on How I Met Your.

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steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

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  • Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti leaving Broadway's 'Once' at the end of the week
  • Steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

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Do you agree or disagree with me. Golden and Silver Age versions. I knew the potential of it to be a great show and I knew the potential of the role to be one that was going to wear me out.

A lot of my friendships, a lot of my professional and personal relationships — not necessarily romantic — suffered because of that commitment, because I wasn't able to go out, I wasn't able to go and participate in a lot of the things that a lot of the community can go participate in. So I was very much home after the shows. I would sleep as much as possible.

I was just very good, and I took very good care of myself, which I also think is what allowed me to sing the role for a year and a half and not have any problems at all. Kazee and Cristin Milioti in the recording studio. No, I've never been on prednisone, [Dr.

Gwen Korovin] did not wanna put me on prednisone because of the blood vessel. The blood vessel makes it a little trickier. If it were just swelling of the vocal cord, then we could've probably done prednisone, but it's a common misconception in our business that prednisone is a cure-all.

Prednisone doesn't actually treat the issue, prednisone just takes the swelling down. So let's say I take prednisone and I get back into the show and I'm singing the same way, I'm just gonna get back to the place that I was at — Potentially still damaging your instrument.

So, how do you move forward? Not really for musicals.

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

I'm keeping the singing down to the minimum at the current time. But as far as my vocal cords go at this time, I feel like I'm 80 or 90 percent. It's not a question of whether I was ever going to sing again or whether this was going to be a lasting issue. We always knew, I always knew, the producers always knew that I would get back to a place of being completely fine. The question was always, "Well, once I get back to percent. Do I go back into the show and risk getting back to where I was at?

I think, unfortunately, a lot of people like to speculate on things. I think my absence from social media has only been adding to that speculation. When you're out of the show, that's a very hard thing for an actor.

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

You feel as if you've done a disservice, so I didn't want to be seen as [being] out of the show but yet you're out tweeting, Facebooking, talking about this and talking about that, making it seem like I was just happy as a clam — 'cause I wasn't. I was very upset with the whole situation and I felt very bad that people were coming to see me and I wasn't there. You feel a lot of pressure in that situation.

You feel that being a part of a Tony Award-winning musical: You're there to be there, to perform!

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

I made the decision, along with talking to the producers, talking to my own team of managers and agents, to just be quiet for awhile and to just lay low.

I didn't want to be out and about in New York. I have basically been in my apartment for a month and a half. We've all followed your tweets. Do you feel you've learned and grown in terms of what you present to the public?

Are you going to jump back into tweeting? I've never really thought about it in that way. Social media is its own sort of thing: Twitter and Facebook have changed the way everyone perceives everything. For me, Facebook and Twitter was always just a way for me to reach out to the fans of the show, to communicate with my friends who where in the business, and I never felt like I wanted to use it to further my career in some way.

I don't know that it has the power or the ability to do that.

Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti leaving Broadway's 'Once' at the end of the week

I just never thought about it in those terms. I made the decision to sort of back off and to sort of wait and see how things were gonna progress before I made any kind of announcement or statements about my future. More than anything I just wanted to be respectful of the people who were still there doing their jobs every night.

Are you kidding me? Every other day someone sends me an email that's, like, "I hear you're in rehab…" or — I mean there's just been so many. I found them very entertaining.

It's amazing what people's minds can come up with when you just haven't been on Twitter. I think people start worrying that you're dead, people start worrying that — My favorite is that I'm in rehab because I don't know what I would be in rehab for! I do absolutely nothing that could put myself into — maybe, like, for video game addiction. I played a lot of "Call of Duty" while I was at home. There are certain people who just want to muckrake.

They just wanna be in there and they just wanna be starting those things because, unfortunately, when you have a certain amount of good grace come your way…. When my mom passed away, and when the Tonys and all that was happening, there was a lot of good grace that came my way, and it was lovely and it lifted me up and it carried me through a lot of that stuff. They wanna see you fail after you've succeeded, and so I think people just reached out and say a lot of different things. Now could I sit here and list reasons why I'm not in rehab… I could sit here and prove it all day long but it's just not worth it to even go into that frame of mind.

Anybody who really knows me knows exactly what's been going on. They know that they've either talked to me or they heard from me via email or text. Do you think you'll return to social media? Somebody asked me that last night. They were like, "So everything is said and done, last night was the official goodbye of [four original Once principals]…" It's actually been a really nice respite to not be in my phone all the time and to not be constantly checking social networks and seeing who said what and [who] posted this and posted that.

It was a hard two months, but it was also a chance for me to sort of decompress a little bit from the past year. It was a very difficult year on a lot of levels and it was nice for me to just be able to walk away from Twitter and Facebook for a while. I don't know, you know I may come back and I may start tweeting today! The question arose, perhaps naturally, "How much pressure can this actor take? I definitely see that, but I will tell you this: Anybody who really knows me as a human being knows that it was a difficult year on a lot of levels, and I'm coming up on the one-year anniversary of losing my mother.

I can tell you that the days didn't get any easier over the past year. I have a wonderful, lovely friend who said to me once: You know, but I never stopped. I never went and allowed myself to suffer and you know I went through a lot of ups and downs and I went through a lot of emotional highs and lows, but at the end of the day I always had that show to go to, and that show was the thing that kept me going.

Now, as far as [my pain] being a contributing factor to the role — I'm not that method of an actor. I don't go into a show and really wear it home and take the role with me.

20 Things to Know About Jenna Dewan's New Beau, Steve Kazee

I'm pretending to be someone else. I'm not putting my own self into the show every night. So for me, the show wasn't adding to my stress.

steve kazee and cristin milioti dating

When you're up there making that music and you're playing those songs with that group of people, you can't help but feel better. Ben Hope as Guy in Once. Photo by Monica Simoes How did you leave it with the cast? How was the goodbye? Well, you know, it's hard. It was a very tough thing to not be able to be there for the last show.

My goodbyes to the cast were personal, but I reached out to everyone and explained the entire situation and everything that had happened. Everyone knew exactly what was happening and knew where I was at and knew everything was OK. Yesterday was a very tough day because it's a hard thing when you lose someone from a company, but when you lose four of an original company of such a wonderful time and such a wonderful era in all of our lives, it's just, it was just a very difficult day.

I was sad, I was very sad to not be able to perform my last show. You did not attend Cristin and Will and Elizabeth's final performance?

I was not there, no. I would've felt uncomfortable being here. Because Ben Hope is playing that role right now and Ben Hope is an amazing actor and an amazing performer, and I don't want to be the guy who shows up and takes away from that in any way.

I'm gonna have my chance to go and see the cast and have dinner with them or talk with them on a one-on-one basis. So to show up yesterday I just thought would've been a spectacle more than anything.

Because you know then the question becomes, "Well, if you're here why aren't you performing? I haven't seen her since I got injured, but we just talked the other day about getting together and having a little sing-through and seeing where my voice is at. And she is — and please put this in bold print — one of the major reasons why I was able to do that show for as long as I could. I will recommend her for the rest of my life as someone who knows the voice, knows the body, and more importantly knows the mind and the heart and helps you learn how to sing out from those two places.