Sasuke and hinata dating

sasuke and hinata dating

Jun 6, To show that Sasuke isn't the one who holds her attention, Hinata's .. just when Hinata and Naruto actually went from friendship to dating is. Aug 27, Sasuke Uchiha is the lead singer of the greatest band around and is named the bad boy of rock n Hyuga is your average higschool. Sasuke Shinden takes place after Konoha Hiden (aka the wedding of Naruto & Hinata). BUT, the studio is animating Sasuke Shinden before Konoha Hiden. In Naruto Shippuden which episode starts the Itachi Shinden arc?.

Rebel Jackson Sasuke Uchiha is the lead singer of the greatest band around and is named the bad boy of rock n roll. Hinata Hyuga is your average higschool senior whose biggest problem is figuring out what college to choose. What will happen when their two worlds collide Rated: When she arrived she let herself in and saw her friends Tenten, Sakura, and Ino sitting around a table talking. They are only the greatest band ever! And they have the hottest lead singer ever!

You have to have heard about him.

They are selling out shows everywhere and on the cover of every teen magazine. Then I will be at all the concerts and on tour with them and I can introduce you to the band. Only then will you take back all the bad things you've said about me.

But you need to start living in the real world Ino. Besides have you read the tabloids Sasuke's a real jerk. She said to herself, 'I still don't see what the big deal is about him.

Naruto grinned, "Another great show guys! Naruto chuckled, "Looks like somebody is in trouble….

sasuke and hinata dating

We all contribute to the song writing, singing, and the producing! She chooses to spend her time away from the boys training in a waterfall. He sees her training in a dance-like fashion amongst the water, and he recounts to the team later how beautiful the mysterious girl was. She might smile to herself once in a while, but to openly laugh is rare. The only one who seems to be able to get a genuine laugh from her is Naruto. A few fillers saw Hinata interacting with Naruto and his friends, giving the audience a surprise laugh.

For example, one scene shared with fans featured Naruto and Hinata enjoying ramen with Sakura and Kiba.

sasuke and hinata dating

While discussing Kiba and his sunglasses, Naruto and Hinata share a laugh. In the early episodes, she even faints. The first time audiences get to see Hinata openly laugh during an episode is in her wedding arc. Hinata gives a full laugh for the first and only time in the series. One movie decided to explore just what the characters would be like if there were slightly different circumstances surrounding them.

In Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, Sakura and Naruto are transported to a different reality. There, Naruto finds that his parents are still alive, though his name is Menma instead. Sakura discovers that with her father as a village leader, she has more freedom. It seems like the two could have it made if they stayed, but they find some differences that worry them.

15 Things Only True Fans Know About Naruto And Hinata’s Relationship

One of those differences was actually Hinata. Instead of her meek and shy personality, Hinata was much more aggressive. She was quick to jump into a fight, judge others, and put her own needs first. She provided a stark contrast to the Hinata fans knew. While a little aggression could have benefited Hinata, this version was more dangerous. Writers adopted it for the story of Naruto. In the legend, the gods tie those destined for one another with a red thread.

Of course, Naruto and Hinata are not tied together by a literal thread, but instead, the symbolism of a red scarf in The Last: The movie provides an adventure, but also acts as a more traditional love story, providing Naruto and Hinata with more scenes together.

Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke Vs. Exploding Humans!! Sasuke meets Chino and Fuushin!! [Full Video HD]

Though Naruto deemed it trashed, Hinata kept the scraps. As she aged, she decided to knit him a replacement for the one he lost when he defended her.

She knits it throughout the movie. Rather than rely on Hinata knitting the scarf as symbolism, though, the writers and animators got a little more obvious with it.

Their souls were quite literally tied together. Kishimoto admitted in convention interviews his wife inspired this particular symbolism when she knitted him a scarf! As a result, just when Hinata and Naruto actually went from friendship to dating is different across the board. One novel acted as a way to bridge the gap between some of that continuity.