Rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

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rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

Daniella GrahamMonday 23 Jan am Rupert Grint, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have known each other for over a decade (Picture: Getty). Rupert Stone, going on to star in a total of eight movies together over ten years. Stewart and Pattinson dated for four years, broke up in , then briefly 7 Friends: Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). Daniel. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe said there was "something really incestuous" about the idea of him dating co-star Emma Watson. The year-old actor said that while a relationship between him and Watson, 19, who plays Hermione Granger, would be "everything the fans ever wanted.

And being an actor was the only thing Radcliffe wanted to be. To become a real actor, Radcliffe had to lose Potter. There were two ways he could go. And then there was the alternative route: To be fair, between the ages of 18 and 20 Radcliffe did almost go off the rails, drinking himself into blackouts, having casual sex and — on occasions — turning up for work on the set of his latest Potter movie while still under the influence.

And the reason I spoke out about it was because I felt someone else would and I should take control Although he acknowledges that winning the role of the boy wizard was the movie equivalent of winning a Willy Wonka golden ticket to fame and fortune, there were many times Radcliffe could barely watch himself on screen.

There are mobile phones up in the air but you are trying not to notice,' said Daniel of his stage performance in Equus in He pauses again. I always went along and sat with everyone else watching the movie. The middle-class son of a literary agent Alan and casting agent Marcia cares too much about being liked, being good at his job and being a nice guy.

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Radcliffe has somehow managed, amid the maelstrom of Potter, to live a relatively normal life. He went to Reading music festival three times with his mates as a teenager and still eats in burger chains because, he says: But then the moments I'm not as proud of From Equus he went on to another critically acclaimed stage performance in the black comedy, The Cripple Of Inishmaan, in which he plays a lonely Irish outcast.

rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

In the thriller Horns he plays a man accused of rape and murder who wakes to find a pair of horns growing from his head. And it was a big thing for me to do a modern-day romance. There was no point in this film where I had to get covered in blood, or cry over the body of someone, or pull someone out of a muddy bog. He divides his time between there and London. Under the circumstances, it might be a good thing for Agron that the relationship didn't work out.

Such was the case with two young stars from the Chronicles of Narnia franchise.

Harry Potter star on dating Emma Watson

In a rather uncomfortable bit of speculation, there were reports that the onscreen siblings were dating in real life. Truthfully, the two were never together in that sense, although they did build up a close friendship over the course of making three movies.

Behind-the-scenes, the franchise is responsible for an aca-awesome love story between Anna Camp, who plays uptight Aubrey, and Skylar Astin, who plays Jesse. The couple met on the set of the original and immediately started making waves.

Emma Watson getting married

She was divorced, hesitant about getting into a new relationship, and five years older than he was, but the chemistry was undeniable. Astin had no reluctance whatsoever, telling Popsugar that "I knew the second I met her that I wanted to know her, and I just wanted to be in her life.

rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

In September of that same year, they tied the knot. They've been happily married ever since. Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins Mortal Instruments Here's a celebrity couple who dated, broke up, got back together again, broke up a second time, and might possibly be back together once more.

rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

City of Bones in They began dating on the set, but broke up right before it hit theaters. Both dated other people afterward. Then, inthey reunited in London and rekindled the relationship. And what it is, is something quite beautiful A while later, the affair was over for the second time.

rupert grint and emma watson dating 2012

In earlythere was speculation that they were back onafter the two started liking each other's Instagram posts. It seems they can't quit each other. Since then, a really charming friendship has blossomed between them.

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The actors' paths repeatedly cross, which serves as a sign of the high level of respect they have for each other. When Woodley received an award at the Sundance Film Festival inTeller was the one there presenting it to her. They were once jointly nominated for Best Kiss at that same ceremony. The admiration goes the other way, too. Fans got to keep tabs on the romance, thanks to a shared penchant for frequently posting pictures of themselves on their Instagram accounts.