Mixed indian and white celebrities dating

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mixed indian and white celebrities dating

This list contains information about celebrities who have biracial children, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Several famous actors, models, and musicians. Actor | Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Kal Penn was She has been married to Brawley Nolte since September 22, The OC and. 4 Non-Indian Hollywood Celebrities Who Got Inspired From Indian Traditions royal culture, with a mix of marigold flowers and beautiful white lilies. Also Check: This Popular Blogger Got Married To A Famous Model In A.

James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs A trailblazing Black and Asian couple, James Boggs, an African American political activist, auto worker and author was married for 40 years from until his death in to Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese American author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist. Both of them wrote several important works in political activism and Mrs. This led to Clarence deciding to patriate to China along with 21 other American POWs at the end of the war, rather than return to the racism and unequal treatment he knew in Memphis, TN.

Clarence lived a wonderful life in China where he met and married his wife, Liu Linfeng in After 12 years in China, the Chinese cultural revolution forced him and his family to ultimately move back to the US, where he and his wife would manage a successful Chinese restaurant chain with 4 locations.

mixed indian and white celebrities dating

He was married to his first wife, Maxine Sneed, African Canadian and Cherokee, from to and they have two daughters together, one of whom is Rae Dawn Chong, a popular actress in her own right. Fay Chung, Chinese, is a Zimbabwean educator and politician who was exiled in Tanzania and Mozambique for a period. Gordon Parks and Genevieve Young Gordon Parks, African American photographer, musician, writer, and film director was one of the most prominent photojournalists from the s through the early s.

Gordon then converted his photojournalist success to become the first African American to produce and direct major motion picture films including the iconic movie, Shaft. Gordon was also was a very accomplished and successful jazz pianist, composer, author, and painter in addition to being one of the co-founders and editorial director of Essence magazine. In Gordon first met Genevieve Young, Chinese American, who was assigned to be his editor by his book publisher. When they both were divorcing their prior spouses, they became romantically involved and they married in Unfortunately, Gordon and Genevieve divorced in While there was speculation about their engagement, they never married.

They have won a number of awards for the books they have illustrated together and separatelyand their illustrations often show all forms of diversity.

Their studio is the Pencil Moon Studio.

5 Female Pop Stars With Surprisingly Indian Roots

They have been married since and have 2 kids together. From tohe was married to Lisa Wu, Chinese and African American, who is now a reality TV personality, and they have two sons together.

Mitzie currently is a freelance fiction and travel writer. Michael and Mitzie divorced in and they have one child together.

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He was previously the CEO of a large British private equity firm and he has participated in numerous company acquisitions and mergers. He was also named as the most powerful Black man in Britain. He is married to Deborah Buffini, Chinese, and they have three children together, however no pictures of his wife have been found online. Michael at 7 feet cms tall, was the number 1 draft pick in the NBA draft, but he never lived up to the hype.

Henry Rotich and Xu Jing Dr. Inwhile Henry was in China on a Chinese government scholarship to learn Chinese as part of his Kenyan government job, he met Xu Jing, Chinese, who was his Chinese tutor. Over time Henry and Jing fell in love and they were married in Several media outlets around the world have written articles on Henry and Jing and the China Central Television station produced a nice story about the couple which can be found at this link.

We wish Henry and Jing continued success and many blessings! They reportedly met in a pizzeria in Philadephia while Terrence was separated from his first wife, and they apparently still dated periodically even after he married his second wife.

Unfortunately, both Terrence and May have both accused each other of being violent towards the other during their relationship. Prior to moving to the US, he competed for Kenya, his native country. Lagat is a thirteen-time medalist in World Championships and Olympics including five gold medals. Lagat married Gladys Tom Lagat, Chinese-Canadian, a sports trainer in and they have two kids together.

mixed indian and white celebrities dating

Jodia was the daughter of a wealthy family in Hong Kong and her father actually sponsored Hamilton in a race in Macau. Hamilton would later move on to date Nicole Scherzinger, who is mixed Filipino.

This pageant has been an annual staple of the LA Chinese community since the early s and the winner represents Chinatown as an ambassador to the rest of the LA metro area.

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Priscilla has been with her husband, John Hervey, African American, since prior to the pageant and they were married in John and Priscilla run a production company, Beyond Timewhich produces comic books and short films. We wish John and Priscilla and their family so much joy and happiness, now and forever! Lennox Lewis and Violet Chang Lennox Lewis is a retired boxer and the most recent undisputed world heavyweight champion. He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.

As an amateur, he won gold representing Canada at the Olympic Games. Lennox married Violet Chang, mixed Jamaican and Chinese, in She is a former Miss Jamaica runner-up and they have four children together.

Ed and Lisa had several aspiring businesses such as a real estate company, a jewelry line, and several clothing lines, but all of those businesses are now inactive and Lisa has returned to reality TV projects. Luc is a master in Chinese martial arts, an actor, film producer, and businessman. He has lived in China since He married his wife Carol in and they have one son together. Carol runs their tailoring shop in Beijing.

Ellen was previously a partner at Kleiner Perkins.

mixed indian and white celebrities dating

Billboard hot charts, Nicky Minaj is arguably one of the most famous pop singers of this generation. Her mother was Afro-Trinidadian, and her father Robert Maraj was an Indo-Trinidadian whose ancestors came to the Caribbean from India as indentured servants. As many Caribbean residents have done, she moved to Queens, New York, at an early age, and quickly became adapted to American pop culture. Several years later, after making an impact on the New York music landscape, she modified her last name from Maraj to Minaj.

She still speaks fondly of her father's chicken currythough! Considered by some as the most influential female rapper of all time, she has received 10 Grammy nominations to date, in addition to several other prestigious musical accolades.

Her second album "Think Like a Girl" also entered the Billboard top at number 1, thus earning her a solid place in the annals of international music. Inshe made a five-city tour of India. While in Goa, she was spoke of her roots, saying, "I never thought I would come back to India. Norah Jones Born Geetali Norah Jones Shankar, this nine-time Grammy-winning singer and actress dropped the first part of her given name, presumably to fit better into the American music scene.