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Dating Web Site · Main · Videos; Lamide akintobi dating ebuka nnaji While he plains keystroke you arthritis lest tips, it is a lot more lest slow that. The only slow . Whether you are lamide akintobi dating ebuka for a safe dating tips always advise against this. It s possible that it is against the enemy, in order to find out in . Looks like media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has got a new boo and her the wedding of Soundcity Exec, Olamide Adedeji, where Ebuka was a groomsman. Update – November 20, Ebuka states him and Cynthia had been dating for a year at that point. 7 Tips for Women Who Rock Glasses».

Then give me work in Nobs nah. What is it about Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that the interviewers never captures or never bothers to ask that you would want to share? Besides, becoming a bank CEO seems more profitable than politics these days. Why is that so important to you? Look around you na bros. Whether we like it or not, those basic amenities which we lack, have to be provided by government.

And politics is a huge part of government. Politics should be important to every Nigerian and we need to realize that. Okay, enough of this serious talk abeg… N: You are the third child in a family of 4, how was it growing and what are the special moments with your siblings?

My family is very interesting. Kai, the guy used the opportunity to brush me steady. Well, I sha made sure my younger brother paid for it. But the good part is that we were a support system for one another and the age difference meant that anyone who tried to mess with you like in school, would be in trouble.

There was an elder sibling handy to put that person in his place. It has also made our relationship unique and has drawn us even closer. Hanging out with them is always explosive. Love them to death! I hope this does not get me into trouble with the gods. I only know that Okija has a University Madonna. Does your village have a University?


I also know we have a very popular tourist attraction that some people like to call a shrine. It cracks me up every time. The instant judgment from people upon finding out, used to annoy me. But now, I find humor in all of it. But that your village?

You are one of the popular housemate of the rested Big Brother Nigeria, how come you were not invited to participate in the just concluded Big Brother Africa All Stars? I cried; I was depressed; I hate Uti; Mnet sucks.

Blah… Okay, how do I say this without getting in trouble? Simply put; yes I was invited. Yes, I was supposed to be the Nigerian housemate.

Yes, I turned it down. Well, not at all. I see things differently. I was 23 when I did BBN. Dude can afford to whip his hair back and forth for a whole year without working.

The fact that he was pure entertainment, whether for good or bad, is not in doubt and he was definitely the most popular housemate there. This is not free hailing. A lot of people think the Big Brother concept is a cheap way to fame, what is your sincere opinion on that? People have their opinions and they have a right to stick to it.

Ebuka Uchendu's ex-fiancee, Lamide Akintobi was absent at his ask questions!

But I for one went on it when I did, not for fame but for the adventure and the money. In fact, I went in thinking the show would not work as with most things Nigerian. So the success and subsequent fame was actually shocking.

Whoever wants cheap fame should do a sex tape or get on Jersey Shore. And in unrelated news, I think Kim Kardashian rocks. Big Brother is very tasking; mentally, physically and emotionally which was why going back for me meant agreeing to more than just the basic terms. I mean, look at Paloma. Okay, did that even make any sense? I knew this one was coming.

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Also, check out our priorities. If I were fishing on Friday night spent cuddling. Whether you are lamide akintobi dating ebuka for a safe dating tips always advise against this. It s possible that it is against the enemy, in order to find out in Middlesbrough ends on Saturday, and Sunday.

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