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May 22, just 5 reasons you should focus on Kang Min Hyuk right now The Heirs he is very sweet and loyal to his girlfriend played by Krystal Jung. During a recent recording for the July 11 broadcast of “Video Star,” CNBLUE's Kang Min Hyuk spoke about his drama co-stars. He worked with. Kang Min-hyuk is a South Korean musician, singer-songwriter, and actor. He is the drummer of South Korean rock band CNBLUE. Contents. 1 Career. – present: CNBLUE; –present: Acting roles and solo activities. 2 Mandatory Military Service; 3 Filmography Along with his co-star Krystal Jung, they were voted as the Best Onscreen.

Minhyuk watched the pair saunter away briskly, and he couldn't help but wonder why the strings his heart's strings were twanging. It was almost as if his heart was made of violin strings being played by David Garrett.

He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. What an odd sensation. That was the strangest feeling ever, period. Gnawing He thinks that he's too young to have a heart disease.

He's still 21, for crying out loud. No one suffers from coronary whatevers at 21, do they? Those diseases usually wait till one is grizzled and ancient at the age of He might need to talk to a doctor about this. His heart feels strange. It pulses like a normal heart should-lub,dub,lub,dub.

But there's something off about it. His heart felt alien to him at the current moment. It twanged on occasion. But the worst thing was, something was gnawing away at his heart. And it was perpetual, unceasing gnawing. Not a nibble that lasts for a second, not one that lasted for a day. His heart had felt like that for the past week, damn it. There weren't any worms that could get to your heart He shuddered, pushing that thought away quicker than you could say "Da!

Entertaining such a notion wasn't going to keep his dinner down. I don't feel well," Minhyuk sat in front of Jung Yonghwa as he bemoaned the experiences he had felt for the past three weeks. His hyung placed the I-Pad he had been fiddling with earlier down and looked straight into the drummer's brown eyes.

Still, tell me what's wrong. It's not painful, per say. But it feels as if something's eating away at my heart. It's always there and it never goes away.

I can't even sleep properly. I don't want to die-" His hyung cut him off with a laugh. He gave up on that task and pressed, "When exactly? When Krystal and Victoria walked out to prepare for their stage-" Then he stopped short. He failed miserably as he grinned broadly from ear to ear. I might like Krystal Jung? I mean, I never even talked to her. I don't even know her. She's too scary for me to like in the first place, her sister's way nicer than she is.

I've always liked older girls, not someone who's actually three years younger than I am Not someone who's unattainable, even if she did just break up with someone While I appreciate that you're able to form coherent sentences about the girl you like, I'd rather hope that you save it for her. Heavens knows that all you boys get tongue tied in front of a girl Lee Jonghyun walked into the living room and chuckled, placing his guitar down so it leaned against the sofa.

I'm not that surprised you know. He's been looking her up sometimes on his phone. Sorry for eavesdropping, but even before that little backstage encounter, he was always interested in what Krystal did. Hello He swears that the next time he sees her, he wouldn't turn tail and run. He'd rather not suffer through weeks of agonizing over his cowardice post a fleeing incident.

He's rehearsed this alone, repeatedly. Orchestrated the scene so many times in his head, and practiced it out loud so many times that even easy-going Jungshin threatened to snuff him out in his sleep if he tried reciting those lines aloud once more. I was wondering if you would like to go out with me?

I was wondering if you'd agree to go out on a date with me. Would you like to go out with me? Maybe he hadn't got any of it down at all. At times like this, he wishes that in real-life, he was Cha Sekwang. With a script prepared for him and a girl who'd be charmed by whatever he would do.

CNBLUE's Minhyuk says Krystal is the prettiest of all the actresses he has worked with | allkpop

He sees her, and they're backstage again. Jungshin nudges him forward and Jonghyun glares menacingly at the drummer, as if he's daring him to screw this up. They're muttering about a scenario where Minhyuk chickens out and the two of them would have to interfere-simply because they didn't want to experience the next few weeks with a mopey Minhyuk. Minhyuk ignores them and tries to assume an aura of confidence and carry himself with some sort of dignity, at the same time, praying to whatever deity out there that would save him from becoming a shrivelling msss under Krystal's gaze.

Apparently, none of them heard him. Oh, who was he kidding? He couldn't do this. Krystal looks at him confusedly. Amber and Luna hang by her side, hovering over her somewhat protectively.

The three had ceased their chattering and are listening to him now. Minhyuk gulps as he feels the heat of their attention on him. Amber and Luna decide that Kang Minhyuk wasn't a threat to their maknae. The two girls shrug and leave Krystal alone and resume their conversation, part of which involved a dilemma on whether to drown Minho in acid or to dismember him limb by limb, subsequently throwing the pieces into a huge cauldron. Jungshin and Jonghyun groaned slightly to themselves.

She looked straight up into his eyes, fiercely. Go and tell your friend Choi Minho to stop playing games with me," she snarled at the stunned guitarist. Krystal spun around and hissed at the three of them, before stalking off towards her other members without a backward glance.

Minhyuk swore that his heart was being trampled by her heels as she walked haughtily away. Each thud hurt even more than the previous one. Guilt "Tell me, unnie. She leaned back against the soft, fluffy pillows of the hotel bed.

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Moments earlier, Victoria had listened to Krystal as she poured out the tale. It wasn't a long story, but somehow, Victoria felt that Krystal was rather affected by the incident. The girl was evidently distressed about it.

Amber switched of the television, silencing that whiny voice in a music video on MTV. He's complaining about Minhyuk being horribly disheartened and lifeless recently. So tell me, why did you do it?

CNBlue’s agency opens up about Minhyuk’s relationship with the girl from the music video

Minho's left me all defensive around guys now! You aren't Kang Minhyuk at the present moment. You practically crushed his heart. She stops crying and the four other members secretly heave a sigh of relief. None of them enjoyed Krystal's water taps. Even if I was to reject him, I'd usually be more tactful She calmed herself down before speaking again. I need to sort this situation out. Do you think you might actually like him?

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I went on my bed and started texting my cousin, Minhyuk. Netizens conclude that the dating rumors between g-dragon and komatsu nana. Seolhyun has been rumored to be dating according to media outlet Dispatch. And then all of a sudden, she heard he started dating Seolhyun from AOA.

Efficient gay chat make it abundantly clear i am not likely to go to a place where you can eat and drink and watch. Remind her that christians black she's beautiful. It's Minhyuk's day off today so we decided to hang out. I stiffened when I heard Seolhyun's voice because I know today is her date with Sungjae.

I really want to date someone but I'm really too busy to go on. Everything about Minhyuk has changed except for his. My first date was with Jin oppa of BTS. Minhyuk then knocked and saw Jinwoo typing something. The exact air time and first broadcast date are still in discussion and it's. Sports Seoul via Naver. Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin. He is a romantic personhe knows a lot about datinglike where to go, where to eat,etc.

Seolhyun IU who wore it better. Minhyuk and Park Myung Soo relay their affections toward Seolhyun.