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K-Pop idol boy group Super Junior's management agency on Wednesday (24th September) confirmed that Super Junior's Sungmin, 24 08 - SM Entertainment has confirmed that Super Junior's Sungmin is currently dating musical actress Kim Sa Eun!The agency told TV Report 24 08 - Super. In response, Kim Sa Eun's agency rep have denied the rumours, that Super Junior's Sungmin and actress Kim Sa Eun are dating, but we.

Where should I start I thought about what to say so many times starting with the first sentence. After writing and erasing and repeating this process several times I'm more reminded of the faces and voices of those I'm thankful towards Everyone, I have met a great person and I will be getting married on December My heart aches as I think of everyone who must have been very shocked and surprised about the sudden news. I'm sorry that I made you find out through articles first while I was contemplating how to first deliver the news to E.

F, who love me and are a dear friend to me, before anyone else To be honest, before I delivered this news, there were times that I had to withstand alone as I felt conflicted with the thought of my own decision while thinking of everyone whom I've walked this path with up until now.

Rather than it being a fear about the decision I've made, I was more worried about whether everyone that I'm thankful towards would become too shocked or hurt by this news, as it is a situation that they've never gone through before [as a fan].

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And seriously, oppa, I know you are such a private and introvert person. Well, not for fans mainly but like, for yourself because you want a quiet life.

Why must I be so good at this?? That semi fan meeting you had at Wiki Cafe, I was super envious of that, that if only I could teleport to Korea, I would.

And maybe, that was a sign, huh?

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We shook hands, I was crying, I asked you for a hug and you obliged me twice. You had that sad face….

kim sa eun and sungmin dating services

Even if it was just a dream, but I know, now, that you were speaking to me, about this all. I feel you, Sungmin-ah… This is something you will still be responsible for and I believe in you, truly. I will support your decisions, especially when it comes to the girl you love and one day, marry… May it be Kim Sa Eun now or another woman.

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I will still be an ELF that is just taken aback and depressed at the moment. This became a sort of reflection for me too.

kim sa eun and sungmin dating services

I have to live my life. I need to make my other dreams come true.

Super Junior's Sungmin confirms he will marry actress Kim Sa Eun

Yes, you are part of my dreams, Sungmin-ah…. You have been an inspiration to live. So, thank you and sorry.