Jake and amir dating coach outtakes bar

jake and amir dating coach outtakes bar

Search any phrase Advanced Options. Episode Title Exact Phrase. to. Searched: What is the meaning of this. Title ↓ Date. In-n-Outtakes . AMIR: Fellas, guy walks face first into a bar, a metal bar. .. an unfortunate kid who couldn't afford a gift for his date, and the only reason I'm in a tuxedo is because I rented a limo Name the first football coach for the Giants?. Main · Videos; Multitouch tester online dating. Because it hid as a fathom beside whatever revolution, the heterosexual revolution. I'm doing to fathom you a.

Dodged a bullet there Okay, why the corsage? I guess you could say this corsage is for an unfortunate kid who couldn't afford a gift for his date, and the only reason I'm in a tuxedo is because I rented a limo and I'm gonna take them to prom myself. I didn't think so. Yeah, it's, like, not even close to that I was gonna put this corsage on her milk-soaked wrist and plug away at her fingers like they're little udders, while the whole school hopefully chants, Moo, cow, moo!

All right, dinner tonight? Just you and me, dinner I just have to, like, swing by for, like, [Jake: That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

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It's too late, okay; I already have the whole thing pretty much planned out. Okay, well, if it's only planned out pretty much, then it's not too late.

Speak of the devil! No, good, put him on. Hi, yes, uh, your daughter is a nobody at high school.

jake and amir dating coach outtakes bar

I'm friends with Dylan, okay? I know what's cool.

He wears frickin' sunglasses to class. No, I'm in the cool group, and we all agree that your daughter is a zero. She's less than a zero, and guess what? She's gonna wake up with cheese in her ears tomorrow morning, which ain't gonna help the situation. I just won't show up then.

I might wanna call in a bomb threat though, y'know; if the fuzz are gonna be there, we might as well frickin' make them earn their keep. There was no traffic, and I am there early! That body you're about to see hanging out of a stretch Hummerzine? No, it was good. It was really, really good.

I texted the first part of it to myself while I was takin' a shit. Dude, it was incredible. And the second part, I was mid-wipe so I just said "fuck it, I'll leave it as a voicemail to myself".

jake and amir dating coach outtakes bar

I welled up a little. Who're you giving that to? I don't know, I just freestyled it off the top of my dick, probably nobody; I'm gonna can it. Amir begins to bring the poem down to the garbage JAKE: You already have a card. No, Dude, I lost it! It was better than yours and now it's gone! Points at the heart shaped piece of paper in Jake's hand What about that? It's a suckier version of the card I wrote; a dummy version. I'll read it to you and if you think it's shwing-worthy then it might just be my actual card.

Clears throat obnoxiously Begins to recite poem You are blazing to me.

jake and amir dating coach outtakes bar

You are so blazing. No, you're better than blazing; you're blazin'. No 'g', just an apostrophe, you don't need a 'g', 'cause I'm your G. So we drop the 'g'. Amir scratches his head And tonight, you gonna drop your g-string.

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Let me see that crack, Girl. I bet it ain't whack, Girl. Love, your not-so-secret-admirerer, J-Witz. End of poem If you thought it sucked it's only because I can't read for shit.