Jacob and renesmee older dating

Is Renesmee Cullen dating Jacob Black???????? | Yahoo Answers

jacob and renesmee older dating

Jacob just has a strong bond to Renesmee and is more of a protector and as she gets older, will be a best friend, someone who's there for her. Read Chapter 1 from the story A Jacob and Renesmee Story: Everlasting Love feud with the Cullen family and the Volturi, Jacob and Renesmee grow up, getting saying that I was growing up too fast and soon that I would be dating soon. Renesmee is now seven years old. Her magic age! So what are Jacob and Renesmee doing now? Let's find out. (Poor Nahuel).

Renesmee thought with a smirk knowing Edward could hear her. Out of the corner of her eye Renesmee saw her father shake his head and drive off. Once Renesmee crossed the treaty line Jacob was right there waiting for her and she ran into his arms. Renesmee nodded and they started to walk toward the beach. After their walk on the beach they went to his house to see Billy.

Once they go inside Billy rolled up to her in his wheel chair happily.

jacob and renesmee older dating

Still dancein" Billy smirked as he patted his legs. Renesmee let out a bell like laugh and Jacob couldn't help but smile at the sound of it then out of no where Sam came rushing into the house. The pack just picked up the scent of vampire, come on we have to hurry!

Jacob turned to Renesmee and frowned. Renesmee sighed and said her goodbyes to Billy and texted Edward but once she sent the text she looked up and there her dad was waiting for her. Renesmee sighed and got in the car then Edward turned to her. Alice couldn't see that much in her vision" Edward said.

jacob and renesmee older dating

Edward nodded and drove on once they got to their house Edward when straight to Carlisle, Jasper, and Emmett with the news. Who could it be? I couldn't be the Volturi" Carlisle muttered. This is serious Emmett! I just don't trust that mutt with Nessie is all…. I wanted to make sure she was ok" Emmett explained.

jacob and renesmee older dating

I'm on Emmett's side…. I don't really trust that dog either" Jasper said. I don't trust him either…. Emmett and Jasper nodded then Renesmee came in the Bella at her side.

Renesmee thought but Edward ignored her.

Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen

Emmett laughed and Renesmee took a seat between him and Jasper. Well until Sam found a vampire" Renesmee sighed. Jasper chuckled and pattered Renesmee on the shoulder. Upon hearing of Bella's pregnancy, the pack then plans on killing Bella and the baby because they see it as a threat.

Is Renesmee Cullen dating Jacob Black????????

Jacob rebels against Sam's authority as Alpha. He embraces his Alpha heritage and breaks away from the pack and runs off on his own.

Seth and Leah Clearwater join him shortly after and help him guard the Cullen house and prevent Sam's pack from attacking. Bella and Jacob, compelled to be near each other. While guarding the Cullen house, Jacob visits Bella daily because of the gravitational force that compels him to be near her, despite the fact that he is still emotionally hurt by her rejection.

Subsequently, Bella also feels the need to have him nearby. At that moment, his hatred for the baby replaces with newfound love, leaving Jacob feeling betrayed. Edward asks Jacob, as heir to the chief, Ephraim Blackfor permission to change Bella into a vampire after the birth of the child in order to save them, and Jacob grants that permission.

Baby Renesmee looks into Jacob's eyes, causing him to imprint on her.

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Everything has been carefully planned, but it all spins out of control when the birth happens one day early: Jacob performs CPR while Edward delivers the baby by cesarean section and then injects Bella's body with venom.

Jacob is furious, believing that Bella had died giving birth, and goes to destroy the "monster" that killed her, but the moment they look into each other's eyes, he imprints on her. Jacob describes it as losing his connection to everything else, and the connection to Renesmee is the only one that matters now.

Jacob is completely over Bella and the wolves are forbidden to harm Renesmee, because it is against pack law to hurt or kill the person a wolf imprints on - there is no exception to this of all the pack laws. The pack is then left with no choice but to make permanent peace with the Cullens. Jacob Black imprints on Renesmee Cullen.

When Bella awakens two days later as a vampire, Edward takes her out on her first hunt to quench her thirst while Rosalie and Jacob stay near Renesmee for protection.

Renesmee and Jacob's date Chapter 1: Renesmee and Jacob, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

Upon returning from her first hunt, she finds Jacob outside the house to test whether she was ready to see her child. She calls it ridiculous, passing it, then, indoors, and very cautiously, she meets her daughter.

jacob and renesmee older dating

Bella is completely enraged when she learns that Jacob has imprinted on her baby, threatening him to stay away from Renesmee, and then lunges for his throat when she finds out that he has nicknamed the baby "Nessie", the nickname of the Loch Ness Monster.

Seth jumps in the way of the attack and gets his shoulder and collarbone broken in the process. The Cullens talk about leaving Forks to avoid Charlie, Bella's father.

Jacob, however, does not want to be away from Renesmee and goes to visit him to tell him that the world is not what he thought it was. He also tells him that Bella was sick before and had to change "a little" in order to get better, without revealing that his daughter had become a vampire. He also tells him that if he could deal with the weird and pretend that things are normal, then Bella will be able to stay for a while longer. Charlie requests to be told as little as possible about the supernatural so that he may be able to deal with it.

Jacob reveals himself by phasing in front of Charlie. Charlie wishes to see Bella, but Jacob insists on telling them everything first to give them a heads up. Bella does not like what Jacob has done and demands a full report.

After telling her everything and Charlie's request, she is relieved, though still unsure about her self-control.