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First Glee fanfic, a pairing that intrigued me. Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/ Romance - Quinn F., Sebastian S. - Chapters: 42 - Words. Rachel and Quinn have been dating secretly for six months, and Quinn finally decides that she's ready to come out to the Glee club. Rachel. The Quinn-Rachel Relationship, most commonly known as Faberry, is the Secretly, the baby is Puck's, who starts to fall for Quinn. Rachel shows dislike, shock and disgust when she finds out that Quinn is dating her crush, Finn. .. Quotes.

However, no one saw them in the same room until lunchtime. Rachel sat at her usual lunch table, but all eyes were on Puck as he entered the lunch room. Puck was aware that this could be considered social suicide, but he didn't care. He was a badass and as long as he had fists, his reputation would always be in good standing.

He could sit wherever the hell he pleased and they could all just suck it. And so for the first time ever, Noah Puckerman sat at the Glee table.

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Rachel assumed that this was the "show" that Puck had been referring to. So, she sold it for all it was worth. They whispered together in quiet voices. She let Puck rest his hand on her lower back. She even let him eat off of her lunch tray. All in all, they seemed to be convincing everyone that they were indeed a couple. When Puck walked her to her locker after lunch, she assumed that it was just part of the ruse.

Everyone totally believes that we're a couple. Didn't you see everyone at lunch? And look around us right now. I can hear the whispers of people wondering how long this has been going on. He had his hands on either side of her. Rachel wanted to push away, she really did. After all, this was practically an attack.

He didn't ask permission. But she found herself responding with an intensity she had never felt before. In the front of her mind, the thought was that she must be doing this because she didn't want to ruin the illusion that they were a couple. But in the back of her mind, all she could think was how right this felt and how she just wanted to keep doing this forever.

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By the time that Puck's tongue was tracing her lips, begging entry into her mouth, Rachel was utterly and completely on board with the kiss. She could feel his body pressing against hers and felt as if she was melting into the lockers behind her. She felt her own hands grasp at his oblique muscles through the thinness of his t-shirt as if they had minds of their own. She felt them pulling him closer, though it was nearly impossible for their bodies to get any closer, and part of her was frightened that she seemed to have no control over her own body.

She heard a guttural moan come from Puck when she pulled him closer to her and was amazed at her ability to elicit such a sound from a guy who had certainly been around the block a few times. It was only when she needed air that she pulled away and her mind finally registered the whispers around them. She opened her eyes slowly and saw Puck staring into her eyes with his usual smirk in place, yet an unfamiliar hunger in his stare.

The bell rang and students began to rush off to class.

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Rachel was willing to be late for her next class because she needed to give Puck a piece of her mind. Besides, what's the big deal? You better get used to that because we're going to be doing it all day on Sunday. I was not prepared right now! We both know you did. He was simply incorrigible.

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Finally she yelled to his retreating form, "Yea, well you enjoyed it too! What nerve he has! Who does he think he is? What are you laughing at? It's just that you're probably the first girl to ever complain about Noah Puckerman kissing them.

And you do realize that there's a lot more of that coming up this weekend, right? Or maybe you like him? It has been my secret, and since McKinley students are and to quote Mike 'a bunch of idiots that don't enjoy and amazing movie with deep level' they don't know that I have performed in a movie. I am walking to the choir room, my safe room. Sure Noah, Mike and Sam had treat the school about the slushes and some guys have stopped, at least when they are with me, they still can't hit girls.

So, glee club was my safe room. At least I could sing, since Santana, Quinn, Kurt and Mercedes just love to insult me and my talent and unfortunately Noah and now Sam and Mike, seem to be the only supporters. Shue days and I feel like I was stab in the back. Finn, who just 2 weeks ago has telling my who much he loved me is now, again speaking bad things about me. That is 5 people. The solo for which she audition to the glee club last year.

Shue give all of them to Mercedes or Quinn. Rachel dances 3 times a week and practices signing almost every day not that she needs because she has one of the best voices I ever hear. I knew I could always count with them but I really don't want them to get in trouble. I made the decision to enter now and they all look at me.

I try to hide the tear that are almost falling from my eyes and the pain from all the stabs I just felt and keep walking to the piano when I get my music books from the piano and the shelter close to it and put them in my bag.

I am going to need my music books. Shue and the group who supports my leaving.