Deaf and blind dating

Finding Semblance: Deaf Dating

deaf and blind dating

Pretending I'm single, I don't think a blind or deaf person is someone who would I would be attracted to in a romantic sense but I know for sure. Mar 10, I'm 27 years old, afflicted with Usher Syndrome and proudly Deaf - and was dating a hearing Blind man, a sighted Hearing guy, and two Deaf. Jun 9, Deaf-blind dating is not without its unique challenges. Although this type of dating can be difficult, a successful relationship can be very.

deaf and blind dating

He was thinking about his divorced father. Why not have there be a place where I know that every person in here is at least deaf, hard-of-hearing, or can hear but has a vested interest in the deaf community. Already, he said, three couples credit DeafMatchInternational with their weddings. And every day, Haines said, he gets e-mail from happy users who have made new connections thanks to his site.

Online dating is a natural fit for the deaf, he said.

Deaf turn to dating online

The number of people fluent in American Sign Language is much smaller, however, fewer than 1 million people nationwide, according to Robert Pollard, director of the Deaf Wellness Center at the University of Rochester. Haines said members of his site include the completely deaf, aging singles who are losing their hearing — even sign language interpreters who can hear but are looking for relationships with people immersed in deaf culture.

Perhaps of his users can hear, he said. But deaf-hearing relationships are apparently the exception rather than the rule, according to anecdotal evidence. Demographic statistics on the deaf community are hard to come by; the deaf cannot easily respond to random telephone polls and they are not identified in census data. Jamie Berke, who runs the About. She likes the niche sites, citing the difficulty for single deaf people to find each other. She said her site does all it can to be inclusive.

While there is no selection criteria where users can identify themselves as deaf, members can mention a desire for deaf partners in their personal description.

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McDermott said she had no way to know how many personals had been placed by deaf people on Match. Still, McDermott said, there is certainly a place for the niche sites.

I don't know many blind people in my age range, but I've never thought of them as different socially. I don't date much period, but I don't see this as any impairment. But I know for a fact that I'm freaking weird.

deaf and blind dating

Unfortunately, so is the Escapist, so maybe this will no reflect the general public well, but I don't hang around normal people, so it'll have to do. Poll is being included in hopes that people will be honest if anonymity is allowed. I hope there's discussion material here too. I have a slightly different reaction to deaf people as opposed to blind people, but it's not for the reason you might think: I have a disability related to my hands.

I literally can't type normally. I even got a medical note to get out of the mandatory typing class in high school required for graduation I taught myself to type at a decent clip with few errors, but it's not orthodox. I grew up around a lot of deaf people due to my proximity to a school for the deaf. Communication is a serious issue, complicated by the fact that a lot of deaf people are quick to mock my handicap.

The latter part aside, I'm pretty sure the communication issue would stop me from being able to have any serious relationship with someone who's deaf. But aside from the fact that I can't speak the language, I don't inherently have a problem with the concept.

I'm not here to judge so much as to get a broader cross-section than "just me. It's basically a tour through different rooms that you could find in normal live but in complete darkness.

Deaf & Blind Dating

You can't see anything there. All the tour guides, that guide the groups through these rooms are blind and tell them a few things about being blind. At the end of the tour there's a bar, again in total darkness, were you can get drinks and talk a bit with the tour guy. It was really interesting.