Dating then and now memes

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dating then and now memes

In today's dating culture, you go on first dates. That means that you go Seriously, if you go on a second date, then congrats. You totally get a. But now that you're getting your date on, it's time to do those things That's why re-reading that message before you send it is so important. But however you feel about your singlehood, here are 40 memes that every If you want real success, then you need to get out of the mindset of picking up I want to propose something to you right now that maybe you will.

Like, it will probably be there the entire day. Because when I look at these comparison photos, it doesn't seem possible that the girl on the left is 14 years old. The girl on the right? Now, that's a 14 year old! We're not supposed to own pushup bras or have luminous highlights. Being 14 is supposed to be that uncomfortable stage where looking at our pictures makes us want to hit our parents for letting us out of the house like that! The girl on the left looks like she's in college; between the age range of Her makeup is flawless, she knows her angles, and she knew that lighting was nothing short of perfect for the best selfie possible.

WTF was wrong with us!? The girl on the right was all of us. Big cheesy grin, a peace sign, some shiny shirt, and a bun that looked loose yet put together. These "selfies" were always on some sort of slant as well. We held the phone facing the mirror and dipped our hips a bit. Ugh the good old days. The girl on the left however.

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Her makeup is intoxicating and I wish I had her hair color. We always wanted grow into these beautiful young women and men when we were kids.


We couldn't wait to wear whatever we wanted and dye our heads if we wanted to. But in this instance, I'm a 27 year old woman who wants to transform into this 14 year old. The picture on the left is screaming my name. There was an old program where we could upload a picture and then add shapes, images, and text anywhere on the photo. A bunch of us wrote song lyrics, drew hearts, make even added fake color streaks into our hair.

The girl on the right does look more her age than some of the other youngsters on this page. After seeing this comparison - my jaw has now passed the ground and dug into the Earth. The 14 year old on the right is how I picture 14 year olds in my mind.

Innocent, youthful, fun, and smiling from ear-to-ear. But since 14 year olds these days have the accessibility to great fashion and high end makeup not to mention knowing their angles for picturesthey tend to look more like the gorgeous young lady on the left.

If she feels confident in it - that's all we could ask for as a guardian or parent. You just really, really want some food and you think that going on a date is a good way to a. It works for you and you think it's a brilliant idea.

dating then and now memes

Some people think that you should never, ever go on a dinner date for a first date because it can last longer than just grabbing a quick coffee or a drink. But you don't care. Because you get food. And it's all good. Well, at least you did that when you were young and naive and innocent. Now you're older and you know better. You know that the majority of first dates totally suck.

They make you question everything about yourself and life and they are not worth spending that much time on your hair, makeup, and clothes. It's not that you leave the house looking like a slob. You still put some work into your appearance. You want to look good. You just don't want to waste your time in case it's not worth it in the end. So you definitely don't shave your legs.

It's not like you're going back to his place after a first date.

You want to be safer than that in more ways than one. So you're just not going there. Hang-Outs There are those times when you know you are on an official first date. When you just hang out with the person because, as she says, you don't really make as much of an effort appearance-wise as you normally would.

dating then and now memes

After all, if you're being cool and casual, then it can't possibly be a date. But sometimes those non-dates actually are dates and sometimes they are even better than official dates.

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But that's the dating world for you. They don't call it a game for nothing. That's why you're not into dating: At this point, if you're still single, you've been dating for a while. And that means you've been on a lot of first dates at this point.

dating then and now memes

You've dated every kind of guy, you've learned lessons, you've made mistakes, you've made up your mind, and you have honestly figured out who you want to be with. So come on, where is your dream guy? Or even your realistic guy?

You don't think that meeting someone that you could potentially date should be as tricky and ridiculous as it is these days. No, you don't think that's too dramatic.

Dating: Then vs Now

It's honestly the way that you feel. You can definitely relate to all these memes about first dates because let's be real here, dating sucks and first dates are even worse. Or you want to find love.