Dating and dateout in peoplesoft query

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dating and dateout in peoplesoft query

can any body tell me how to change format of the date to 'yymmdd' in there any built in function in peoplecode to change the date format. But if you are pulling the date from the database then why not use %dateout. . 19 weeks 5 days ago; Re: PS Query - Need Dependency and Prunable examples. The date bind variable is within the where clause of a sql insert/select statement. As I recall, you should be using %DateOut as you are retrieving the date to Simplifying Union Query for Pivot Grid Manager in PeopleSoft. DateIn vs %DateOut are meta-SQLs used in PeopleSoft. When a date literal or a date bind variable is used within the WHERE clause of SELECT or UPDATE.

dating and dateout in peoplesoft query

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