Dating a narcissistic man and alcohol

dating a narcissistic man and alcohol

Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPS is a pattern of grandiose beliefs and arrogant behavior. A person suffering from Alcoholism can often exhibit coinciding. While alcoholism is an addiction and extreme narcissism is a them much more difficult than if that person had just narcissism or addiction. These are the difficult questions that the partner of a narcissist and addict has to “It took me two years to discover that my husband was a closet alcoholic.

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To operate in the same world as me. To have a genuine emotion and express it.

dating a narcissistic man and alcohol

To care more about his family than he did himself. No matter how hard I swam away from it, I was inevitably sucked down into the undertow of his reality. Divorcing someone like that is almost worse than being married to them.

What Do You Get When You Mix Alcohol With Narcissism? Pain!

Especially if you have kids with the person. At times, it has felt like I was married to Satan himself. Dancing with the devil is scary. Initially, all I saw was the glimmer. The light of the fire. The warmth it provided in a time that I was cold. As time went on, I began feeling the heat in a different way.

What Do You Get When You Mix Alcohol And a Narcissist? Pain!

The thing is that the devil will never take you out of his fire. He needs you in it. I have to get myself out of this fire, with the help of God and the people in my life who live in light, not flames.

The intensity of a relationship with someone who has substance abuse issues, as well as other personality disorder traits, is much like living in a fire pit. There will be scars and reminders of the life you just left, but scars are evidence you survived something. But I am getting there. But God brings beauty from ashes. I am not an alcoholic. I like to drink, in fact I enjoy it very much and I can consume significant amounts but I do not become blind drunk because I do not want to lose control.

dating a narcissistic man and alcohol

I have seen the narcissist who is an alcoholic and that is my Uncle Robert. His aged frame and bitterness are a clear testament to the aging that comes with a lifetime of downing his first gin and tonic at 11am and not stopping until the stupor arrives sometime after 9pm. Watching him as I was younger, observing his behaviours arising from his drinking and later understanding that this was a layer upon his rampant narcissism this served as a useful warning to me to ensure that I used drink for my purposes and did not allow it to consume me.

11 Ways Narcissists and Alcoholics are Similar

I am fortunate I have that self-control and discipline, since many of our kind do not. Alcoholism is a symptom of a certain mind set and narcissism is a mindset which lends itself to alcoholism occurring.

Narcissists are creatures of addiction. We are addicted primarily to fuel. This is our drug, but being this way also means that we have a susceptibility to other addictive behaviours. This is why we engage in taking recreational drugs, shop with complete disregard for the financial repercussions, engage in workaholism, gamble and drive like maniacs.

Not all will be present but there is a propensity for our kind to engage in these kind of behaviour because of our vulnerability to addiction. The traits of our narcissism lend themselves to fostering alcoholism. Not only are we prone to addictive behaviour per se, the existence of these traits means that we become even more vulnerable to alcoholism occurring.

We can drink more, we can handle that drink better and we can drink all manner of different types. The broad range of types of alcohol, the rich and varied culture that accompanies appeals to us as we show off our knowledge about it. The Cerebral Narcissist can boast about his extensive knowledge about particular wines or whiskies. The Somatic can brag about how much he has spent on a magnum of champagne and the Elite will do both. Our hunting grounds for our victims invariably involve the consumption of alcohol.

The Somatic Narcissist who find his prey in the night club and amidst the chrome and neon lights of upmarket bars is going to be exposed to alcohol repeatedly. Our lack of accountability means that we can drink when we want, with who we want, where we want and we do not suffer the consequences. Narcissists almost never apologize or promise to change their ways.

That would feel like weakness, which is anathema to narcissists, sullying the image they desperately seek to cultivate.

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Lacking empathy and feeling superior, they give themselves full permission to do whatever the want despite the rules or costs to others. They may lose everything and everyone in their lives before they will give up alcohol. By the same token, alcoholics sacrifice their health, well-being, reputation, relationships and self-esteem unless they seek help.

Loved ones of both alcoholics and narcissists may withdraw emotionally or eventually leave the relationship. Feeling slighted or a lack of adoration can send a narcissist into full battle mode. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, leading to outrageous, dangerous or abusive behavior.

dating a narcissistic man and alcohol

For a narcissist, the fix is attention or gratification. Narcissists view others in terms of what they can do for the narcissist. For an alcoholic, the fix is a drink.