Can baptist deacons be divorced and dating

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can baptist deacons be divorced and dating

I do think that if a man was divorced when he wasn't saved then isn't he a new creature in Christ. I don't know if I would hold that against him' date=' because to. Remarriage for a Christian is only permissible if the divorce was on excludes the divorced man from ever serving as a pastor or deacon (“The. What do elders who have differing views on divorce and remarriage and discussion by the Council of Deacons of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

In other words, the phrase only specifies that a man is known for his faithful relationship to one woman. It is not specific beyond this statement. Some have also mentioned Matthew 5: However, it is important to take the context of this passage into consideration before applying it to all situations. The passage in Matthew dealt with a specific Jewish cultural custom common in the time of Jesus. Because premarital and extramarital sexual relationships were condemned, men would divorce a wife and remarry another one right away in order to begin a new relationship, a practice some have called serial monogamy.

can baptist deacons be divorced and dating

Jesus condemned this practice, calling it a form of adultery. In 1 Corinthians 7, Paul mentioned other occasions in which divorce could occur. Paul did not specifically refer to remarriage in these cases as a form of adultery as Jesus did in the Gospels. In one instance he counseled against remarriage and in the others does not mention it overtly. He also would not exclude widowers from office.

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If in 1 Corinthians 7: Polygamy may have been practiced by Jews but was illegal in the Roman Empire, and never practiced in Greco- Roman society. Christians never practiced polygamy or polyandry. Jesus and Paul allowed for divorce and remarriage in the case of adultery Matt. But it is also very possible that Paul was erecting a double standard here.

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John Stott clearly sets forth this possibility: If not, does this not erect a double standard? Yes, it does, but is it not reasonable and right that a higher standard should be expected of pastors who are called to teach by example as well as in words? They are, therefore, prohibited from engaging in any sexual immorality or from violating their own marriages in any manner whatsoever.

Howard Marshall makes note of the positive nature of this phrase: He is establishing the standard that pastors who are married must guard their marriages and develop them into models of domestic love, loving their wives as Christ loved the church Eph. Rather, the issue is his moral, sexual behavior.

Many men married only once are not one-woman men. Many with one wife are unfaithful to that wife. While remaining married to one woman is commendable, it is no indication or guarantee of moral purity. A one-woman man is a man devoted in his heart and mind to the woman who is his wife.

He loves, desires, and thinks only of her. He maintains sexual purity in both his thought life and his conduct. That qualification was especially important in Ephesus, where sexual evil was rampant.

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Many, if not most, of the congregation had at one time or another fallen prey to sexual evil. If it happened after his conversion, even before he assumed a leadership role, it was a definite disqualification.

can baptist deacons be divorced and dating

Those same standards apply to men in positions of spiritual leadership today. Should, therefore, a man become a pastor or, if already ordained, remain in the ministry after a divorce? Pastors fall under the guidelines and freedoms of Matthew 19 and 1 Corinthians 7. A pastor with a bad marriage is as disqualified from ministry as an adulterer or a deserter.

If a man does not love his wife as Christ loves the church, with gracious allowance for the fact that he is a sinner and not the Savior, then he should not be a pastor.

It may well be our failure that we are concerned about the letter of the law of marriage while we miss the essential spirit of the law of marriage: Third, we need to apply the biblical principle that overrides all of 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1: Here it seems to be intended as the general, covering term for the following list of eleven virtues, or qualities mostly single words in Greek that should characterize an overseer.

Fourth, there are practical concerns that divorced clergy cannot ignore. Their integrity will certainly be called into question, regardless of the basis for their divorce. Their ability to speak both prophetically and pastorally into troubled marriages in their congregation will be tainted with an aura of hypocrisy. The confidence people have in them will be weakened by any divorce.

And their acceptability to a specific segment of their congregation will be ruined by a divorce. So should a church hire or keep a pastor who goes through a divorce?