Batgirl and batman dating problems

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batgirl and batman dating problems

Basically, Batman got Batgirl pregnant while she was still involved with it is certainly suggested at the end of the last issue, had a miscarriage. Batgirl & Nightwing's Relationship Is Finally Defined for the Rebirth Era . Batgirl #25 is essentially a Batman/Catwoman wedding fallout issue. Unlike Superman and Wonder Woman, characters that have been in Batman's relationship with Selina Kyle, the Catwoman, is the most enduring and . She dated Bruce for a few issues, but later fell between the cracks and disappeared.

batgirl and batman dating problems

But when pressed on why he seemed to be pushing her away, Bruce told Zatanna that he cared too much about her to get closer to her, which is a pretty flimsy excuse. Plus, we clearly see that Bruce has no problems letting his guard down with other women later on. This was just Batman being afraid to take a chance. Did he run out of other women in the world that he had to take an interest in Superman 's longtime romance too?

But maybe after nearly taking Black Canary from Green Arrow, he was already comfortable disregarding people's relationship statuses.

And to be fair to Bruce, it's not like he had to do much convincing to get Lois to give him a chance. They started dating and seemed to be doing well, but as always, Bruce inevitably has to get to the point where he tells those closest to him about his other persona. And Lois wasn't a fan of that at all. Lois obviously has tons of knowledge about what it's like to date superheroes thanks to her time with Superman.

And evidently she was ready for something different when she started dating Bruce, because once she found out he was Batman, she dumped him. Her history with Batman began after an attempt at reformation from her previously villainous way.

And for a while, it seemed like it might work out. The two became close, both emotionally and physically, and Nocturna even reached the point of suggesting marriage. Her ex wound up wanting her dead, and that kind of thing spoils the mood for the current relationship pretty fast.

But maybe Batman went a little too far in the other direction when he started showing an attraction for the incredibly powerful, even by superhero standards, Wonder Woman. There's only so much Bruce can do in a crowd without the risk of exposing that he's not the harmless socialite he pretends to be.

batgirl and batman dating problems

That's why Lucius Fox hired him a bodyguard, a woman by the name of Sasha Bordeaux. And understandably, Bruce was resistant to the idea out of fear that she would discover his night job.

But rather than betray him, Sasha became an even more fierce protector of Bruce after knowing his value to the city as Batman.

Barbara Gordon

She even came to love him for his devotion to protecting Gotham. At first, Bruce was more interested in other women in his life, but eventually he was drawn to this partner who could understand the danger he faced. But it was also that danger that drove them apart, since it's hard to focus on building lives together when you're constantly having to worry if the other one will be alive following the next crisis.

The constant reworking, re-imagining, and reorganizing of very loose Silver and Bronze Age continuity left the nature of their relationship hard to pin down, especially as Bruce slid further and further into camp icon infamy and the complicated multiverse system of the DCU reached critical capacity. On Earth-2, Selina and Bruce were married, and eventually had a daughter named Helena Wayne who would go on to be a hero in her own right: After Crisis on Infinite Earths officially realigned the multiverse all together, all bets were off.

Compounded with the character-redefining The Dark Knight Returns, this newly solidified world for Bruce was one of a solitary, isolated and emotionally distant Batman. The prospects of things like marriage were definitively off the table.

Batman Works Alone, Except When He Doesn't At some point, during all of this continuity reconfiguration a strange thing began to happen in the world of Batman and his fans -- he began being understood as a hero who could not, and would not, work well with others.

This, of course, was never genuinely the case. Batgirl and the Golden Age Dr. Within the storyline, Gordon recounts the series of events that led to her career as Batgirl, including her first encounter with Batman as a child, studying martial arts under the tutelage of a senseimemorizing maps and blue prints of the city, excelling in academics in order to skip grades, and pushing herself to become a star athlete.

batgirl and batman dating problems

Batgirl Special and Batman: The Killing Joke [ edit ] Main article: The injury results in the character's paralysis. In this graphic novel, the Joker shoots and paralyzes Barbara in an attempt to drive her father insane, thereby proving to Batman that anyone can be morally compromised. Although events in The Killing Joke exert a great impact on the character, the story has little to do with her.

Induring an interview with WizardMoore expressed regret over his treatment of the character calling it "shallow and ill-conceived. Rather than allow the character to fall into obscurity, the two decided to revive her as a character living with a disability. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Yale and Ostrander oversaw the development of Barbara Gordon's new persona as Oracle for the next several years.

batgirl and batman dating problems

Sword of Azrael 1. This newly forged partnership established Oracle's status as Batman's intellectual equal. Initially, Gordon's paralysis plunges her into a state of reactive depression. However, she soon realizes that her aptitude for and training in information sciences have provided her with tremendous skills that could be deployed to fight crime. In a world increasingly centered on technology and information, she possesses a genius -level intellect; photographic memory ; deep knowledge of computers and electronics; expert skills as a hacker ; and graduate training in library sciences.

One night, she has a dream in which an all-knowing woman similar to Oracle at Delphi of Greek mythology has her own face; it's then that she adopts "Oracle" as her codename. She serves as an information broker, gathering and disseminating intelligence to law enforcement organizations and members of the superhero community. She trains under the tutelage of Richard Dragonone of DC's premiere martial artiststo engage in combat using eskrima from her wheelchair.

She develops her upper-body strength and targeting skills with both firearms and batarangs. Birds of Prey led to the comic series Birds of Prey starring the two title characters.

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Hunt for Oracle, [35] Barbara Gordon and Dinah Lance meet in person and establish a long-term friendship. They form the nucleus of the Birds of Prey organization. While Oracle serves as the basic head of operations, Black Canary becomes her full-time employee and field agent.

Inthe first Batgirl monthly comic was launched with Cassandra Cain as the title character. Oracle appears as a supporting character throughout the series, acting as a mentor to the new Batgirl, alongside Batman.

Gail Simone took over as writer of Birds of Prey with issue In an interview, Simone explained her fondness for Barbara Gordon, stating: From there, Chuck Dixon did wonderful things with her in his Birds of Prey run She's fantastic because even just sitting in a chair in a dark room by herself, she's tremendously compelling.

The DCU without her would be a much less interesting place. War Games[38] Black Mask commandeers Oracle's computers and satellites and engages in a fight to the death with Batman. In order to prevent Batman from killing his adversary, Oracle initiates the Clock Tower's self-destruct sequence, provoking Batman to rescue her rather than continue the battle.

This results in the destruction of Gordon's home and headquarters in the clock tower.

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Subsequently, Oracle decides to move on, and leaves Gotham City altogether. She cuts her ties with Batman, and after a temporary world trip with her team, relocates to Metropolis. In the events comprising Gail Simone's Birds of Prey: Between Dark and Dawn[39] and Birds of Prey: The Battle Within[40] Oracle is possessed by arch-villain Brainiacan artificial intelligence entity, in order to become a biological being.

Although Oracle overpowers Brainiac and expels him from her body, the advanced virus delivered by him remains despite his absence. The virus steadily causes cybernetic attachments to sprout all over her body. Oracle develops supernatural abilities that allow her to psychically interact with computer information systems.

Although she loses these abilities after the virus is rendered dormant following an operation by Doctor Mid-Niteshe discovers she can move her toes. However, this proves to be short-lived; Gordon remains paralyzed. During the company-wide crossover Infinite Crisis[41] Oracle teams with the Martian Manhunter in Metropolis to coordinate a counterstrike against the Secret Society's global jailbreak. Oracle works with Batman, although not on a regular basis as before.

Oracle continues to lead the Birds of Prey, and expands the ranks of the operation. In Birds of Prey 99, Black Canary leaves the team and the Huntress becomes the team's de facto field leader, while Big Barda is brought in as the group's heavy-hitter alongside a larger, rotating roster.

Oracle also makes an attempt to reforge her alliance with Power Girl.

Batman: The Killing Joke - Batman and Batgirl Argument/Kiss scene

However, when Oracle invites her to rejoin the team, she replies that she will do so "when Hell freezes over. She struggles to keep the identities of the world's heroes from being stolen and coordinates the response to a global crisis engineered by the Calculatora villainous hacker and information broker. In The All-New Booster Gold 5[45] the title hero is given the mission of traveling back in time in order to prevent "a tragedy that he discovers never should've happened—the Joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon, Batgirl.

The Killing Joke, he ultimately fails and Barbara Gordon's chronological history remains unchanged. Rip Hunter convinces him that Barbara's destiny is to become Oracle.

Batman then thanks Booster Gold for trying to stop the Joker and offers him his friendship.

batgirl and batman dating problems

Eventually, Spy Smasher is forced to admit her defeat and returns control of the Birds of Prey organization to Oracle. At the conclusion of the arc, Oracle also adopts Misfit into the Birds of Prey. Metropolis or Dust The following arc of the series Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats is written by Tony Bedard. In the company-wide Final Crisis storyline, Darkseid —who has finally gained control of the Anti-Life Equation —attempts to put the mind-control equation on the internet.

Both Oracle and Mister Terrific make desperate attempts to stop Darkseid, even attempting to shut down the entire Internet. Unfortunately, they both fail and those affected ended up mindless slaves of Darkseid. Freed from Darkseid's control after the restoration of the Multiverseshe attempts to shut down the criminal Unternet set up by her opposite number, the Calculator, as a Darkseid-free replacement for the regular Internet and still used by tech-savvy criminals.

Even though Oracle foils him, she starts doubting her abilities and fears she's losing her edge and brilliance, which results in her disbanding the Birds of Prey team to do some soul-searching. Oracle is subsequently featured in Oracle: Battle for the Cowl The story chronologically follows the events of Final Crisis and Batman R. Oracle has returned to Gotham, and although the Birds of Prey are disbanded, she continues to summon them to help Nightwing and Robin deal with the growing crime in Gotham.