Austin and ally trish dez dating full episode

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austin and ally trish dez dating full episode

Mar 29, Watch full episodes of Austin & Ally and get the latest breaking news, Exclusive Austin & Ally Sneak Peek: Who Doesn't Have a Prom Date? Dez and Trish join Austin on his first big tour while Ally works on her record. At the same time Ally begins to suspect that Trish and Dez have romantic secrets with each other, which turn out only to be partially true; Trish is found to be dating one of the dancers, and Dez secretly watches romantic See full summary». Dez teases Trish throughout the whole episode in a joking, flirty manner. Dez was scared Dez got worried when Ally had a hunch about Trish dating. Trish told.

She then kicks him and starts laughing. Dez helps Trish decide on her entrance to the party. Trish tries to give Dez advice on learning languages to help him out.

Austin and ally trish and dez dating part 1 - video dailymotion

Dez holds up a present to Trish, which was the only present that had not broken from his fall. The present seems to be a pink glass heart, if looked at it closely.

Dez saves one of Trish's birthday presents and says "they're not all broken. Dez tells both Trish and Ally "the news". Dez comes out from behind Trish in the crowd at the beach.

austin and ally trish dez dating full episode

Trish seemed impressed when Dez hypnotizes Austin. Trish hypnotizes Dez into thinking there's a mouse in his pants and she seems amused when he starts jumping around.

austin and ally trish dez dating full episode

Dez tries to show her he can spin a plate on his finger like he wants to impress her. When he comes back with a smoothie, he stops right beside Trish. When he tries to set the record for not blinking, he is staring directly at Trish. Trish and Dez along with Austin look strangely at Ally as she continues to laugh at her own joke. Dez acknowledges Trish when he and Austin walk up to her and Ally in the food court.

Dez looks only at Trish when saying, "Well, it's the easier-est thing I've ever done! Dez smiles and points at Trish when she is playing the cow bell.

austin and ally trish dez dating full episode

Trish and Dez sit next to each other the entire time the police officer is interrogating them. When Dez comes back from being in the water, he stops next to Trish. Dez and Trish along with Austin laugh at Ally when she gets stuck in the beach chair. Trish offers to rip the starfish off Dez's face back at the beach and does so in the police station.

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Trish agrees its a good idea to call Dez. Trish and Dez are handcuffed together and they have no where else to go. Trish and Dez are next to each other when they are listening to the radio at the beach. Dez has his arm around Trish during the group hug and she has her head on his shoulder. Trish implies she taught Dez "to get paid, not to work". Trish smiles and nods at Dez after Ally reads Austin's twit about eating pancakes with Dez. Dez and Trish and Austin unfollow Ally in Tweeter.

When she and Mrs. Suzy first walk up to the table, she stops beside Dez. Dez smiles amusingly at Trish when she tells them her nickname.

They both seem happy for each other when they both receive gold stars.

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Trish and Dez laugh at Austin's comment on Tweeter. Dez is amused by Trish's "acting". Trish seems impressed by Dez's tap dancing. Trish and Dez join in singing with Austin. Dez uses Trish's hair extensions as a beard.

Trish uses her hair extensions as a way to pull Dez out of the glue.

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Dez calls Trish nice when she offers to share her prizes with the rest of them and is excited when she gives him a candle. If Trish had actually stayed at the mall that night, her sleeping bag would be right next to Dez's.

Dez asks Trish to hide him when they spot Mindy coming. Trish grabs the fake Owen from Dez. Trish looked jealous after Mindy and Dez confirm their date.

Dez and Trish are at Austin's acoustic performance at Sonic Boom. Dez kept nudging Trish throughout Austin's performance. Trish looks at Dez and Mindy as they dance. When Trish said "Hey guys", Dez actually looked at her and smiled. Trish is the only one who laughs with Dez when he teased Ally. Dez gives Trish a part in his movie.

Dez said he was going to name the crab after her. Dez seemed impressed as Trish did her skit from the school play she was in. Dez ran over to Trish when she was pretending to call for help, like he really cared for Trish also like he wanted to save her.

Dez changes the line to "Why, why'd you take my sister" after Trish suggested it. His weird habit of pulling anything and everything out of his backpack amuses his friends. Dez is a really funny boy, random, crazy, awkward, sometimes disgusting, clumsy, honorable,silly and quirky guy. He is wise at times, but is mostly seen to be rather stupid and ignorant. His weird habit of pulling random objects out of his backpack like a ham, a turtle, an Abraham Lincoln ice-sculpture or jam, etc.

He really is one-of-a-kind. He has auburn hair, and often notices when people or things look different, but he can never figure out what has changed. He can eat things that would be considered gross or inedible to most people. He is brutally honest whether characters ask him for his opinion or not. In many moments especially in Season 1, he was very wacky and slow to understand things.

From that episode onto Season 2, Dez seems to have matured and gotten smarter. When Austin is apologizing to Ally, Dez says that he has attempted to 'text the dog', an example of his craziness. Later, Dez records a music video of Austin singing a song Ally wrote. He's a good friend to Ally, Trish and Austin. He later gets into a game of tug-of-war with the kangaroo over a jacket, which ends up in a large container of caramel.