Aquarius man and gemini woman dating

Aquarius man Gemini woman

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

Aquarius man and Gemini woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and sex with articles, scores, advice and more. Visitor forum for questions and. Romance and sensuality are missing and so the sex life will never be the glue which holds this couple together. Aquarius man Gemini woman compatibility will . When the Aquarius man starts dating a Gemini Woman, he will be attracted by her charm and flirtatious characteristics. When these two meet they will spend the .

He would call or text me every time he got a break from work. When we spend time with one another, I value every moment of it. I feel warm and somehow I gotten attached to him. However, He had bit of baggage on the count that he has two children by two different women, which makes me a bit iffy about trusting him.

About a year into the relationship, he admit all of the things he's done in his past and everything that has happened in his life. Though we've had our fights, I still love him. Even though he'll blow things out of proportion, gotten out of line and even acted very cold towards me whenever I was wrong for something. There were times that he's gotten possessive and bit controlling, but I manage to tell him how I felt on about it.

Til this day, We're still together and hopefully we'll last. I am a Gemini woman, who has met a taken aqua man.

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

I feel an unusual feeling with him, like a deep bond or comfort that ive never felt with another man. I cannot stay away from him due to our connection or my emotions. Well I am a 27 year old Gemini woman who's in a relationship with a 19 year old Aquarius!! I am totally in love with him, though sometimes I have to catch myself when showing too much emotions.

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

He is a bit detached when it comes to showing his feelings but I learned his ways and know when to give him space and how to love him! I learned they show their love in different ways and my boyfriend talks to me as if I am just one of his friends, at first I didn't like it but as I began to understand him I know that's a sign of him being comfortable and getting close with me. We are like best friends and talk about everything which means a lot to me.

He is my second Aquarius but treats me better than the first one I was with and their ways are very different in a lot of ways! He is stubborn and seem cold-hearted sometimes but I know the real him and the funniest thing is he actually knows me well enough to predict some of my actions when I get upset as well!!.

We were good together had loads of fun and I was very open about my feelings but he only expressed his occasionally. A couple of months back I started hearing he has been seeing the particular girl and he got so defensive insisting they were just friends and we went on a break for less than a week.

We got back together again and I snooped on an old phone and realized he was flirting with this same girl. When I told him what I saw he totally flipped saying I should have trusted him calling me all sort of names and said he still loves me but thinks we should take a break.

I love him and want him back! Its all my fault I should not have snooped. I'm a Gemini woman.

Aquarius Man & Gemini Woman: Love, Sex & Marriage Compatibility

I've been off and on for five years with an Aquarius man. It's very true that these signs spark up great conversation, and there aren't many dull moments. Gemini's love to express their emotions and will always say how they feel.

The Gemini Experience: Gemini&Aquarius Compatibility

They're able to translate their feelings into words very easily. Whereas Aquarians have a very hard time wording what's on their mind. As a Gemini this frustrates me, because we're so extravagant with how we express our feelings, I feel annoyed and let down when an Aquarius man only mouths out one boring lifeless sentence of how they're feeling.

Aquarians carry a huge ego as well, and it usually takes them a while to admit their faults. They're also very prone to putting their friends before their girl, and will do whatever their friends want.

They usually don't stick up for themselves which is a turn off because Gemini's are all about saying what's on their minds. Honestly y I don't think Aquarians can live up to the expectations of a Gemini. We need someone just as extravagant as us!

Like a Libra ; I am a Gemini woman, who for years had a crush on this Aquarian cowboy. He is tall, dark, and rugged. He's the leader of his crew out in the country, and im the artistic go getter. Our friendship began when I started to work for my papa out in the country, aqua would walk in with a strut that would make my senses jump all around my body.

So the courtship began, I told him I wanted him, he was cool with it. But of course Aquarian men have slews of women, and mostly ones who are paying him. So he parade around in there cars and that sort of thing.

I would get jealous, but hell im 28 and gorgeous, so I wasn't gonna trip. It must've been good because that next morning he was at my job before I was, and his father could see that I had his nose wide open. So then I continued to keep my usual intellectual self, going on about my days, only giving him some twice a year, while he ran himself into the wall with the older women who was paying him.

Well, after 2 years, he would come in and say, baby you gone have to give me more attention than you have been. I played him off again for some weeks, all the while our friendship had been growing, he went from barely talking at all, to telling me everything. I knew about all the girls, what they give him. One day I told him if you want some more I want to have sex in the middle of a beautiful field, in broad daylight.

After work he took me to the most beautiful place ive ever seen here in oklahoma, and we made love underneath the trees, where the sun was sneaking onto our skin from inbetween the leaves This started happening more and more. Before I knew it, he was even making it evident to our society that I was his.

Now, we are still the closest of friends and ive never wanted him to change, I only wanted him to be himself, and if he's for me then one day we will be old, and sipping lemonade on our porch.

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We still have the most amazing sex, and the last time he was inside of me, his usual silence broke, and he said my name, then said, sugah, I don't want nobody inside of you but me. Ive fallen in love with this man, but I know just like anyone should that Gemini's and Aquarius value our individual freedom.

So I ain't gone try to fix what ain't broke. I love him, and we are close friends, and what more does romance and friendship really need but two willing participants. Here's to going with the flow!!! I am a Gemini woman and I have been with my Aquarius man for almost 3 years and I love him!

I will never leave him no never! I am a Gemini woman who has been seeing an Aquarius for about 4 months now. I had met a woman from work who wanted me to come with her to meet her boyfriends friend. After that I knew I had him on the hook and couldn't wait to bust his head open to see what was inside We started talking on the couch and we clicked instantly it was like id known here for years or he wasn't the other missing half of me It was the most surreal experience of my life.

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

Since then it has been us driving around laughing and having a ball, talking about anything and everything under the sun, and having sex in the most random places. I was so secretly happy because I didn't want to be the first one to express how I felt for fear he wouldn't feel the same.

We did have one problem where he asked me out the day before he went to Las Vegas. He also has trust issues, so he does tend to get a little protective and needs to know my whereabouts, but I don't mind giving this to him.

Gemini women please stay away from this zodiac sign. Gemini women need water in your life. I've been married to one for 15 years he is a great provider but he will not let go of past issues I find him to be very detached and distanced. I have stay this long because of my own neediness but this is not a relationship were a Gemini women can grow on the emotional level and this is so needed in our lives.

I have met my soulmate from the first moment we begin to talk, I knew he was the one for me. We plan on spending our lives together, he really makes me happy he is the light at the end of my tunnel, I would not trade what we have for any thing he is younger than me, and someone who I would have never in a millions would have talked to, we come from very different back grounds but we have so much in common, I can truly say this is love at first sight, I cannot beleive that I have found someone who makes me feel so complete, he is the void that has been missing in my life and I am so gratful for he love.

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

I mean love at first sight I saw him and I tld my bestfriend he will be mines. It was love at first sight I mean we talked on the phone to early in the morning everyday. But the onli thing is he was a big flirt, and mi bestfriend said she saw him on the school bus kissing another girl, so I cussed him out and broke up with him.

The same day he told mi I shuldnt listen to mi friends. So I took him back a week later they seen him huggin on the girl. SO this time I really just ended it with him. I was depressed also, but than one night I was sittin watchin t. I went outside and he was lik I miss yu and I love yu. Me bein a Gemini I was like yea watever. So he tried to get me to take a ride with him it did not wrk. I went bac in the house. PLayin hard to get is mi true speciality. I gues it work ed because we stayed bestfriends, I always believed if its meant to be dan let it go and if it comes back hold on to it, and never let go.

These guys really do hit the spot, I mean we did everything together. There was never a dull moment I would always be wifey. One day I gt fed up wit waitin and told him im goin to leave, he begged me not to go, he said im da onli person in da wrld he has, he said that he would always love me,Just please don't leave him.

Than it happened he met someone new and she became wifey he basically threw me to the curve I vowed I would never fall in love again nomatter what. He got locked up for a year and I moved on I had a baby by someone else, I had met way before him.

And that I hurt him. So I took him back we dated off and on for almost a whole year more on than off. We was so perfect. Than one day it came crashing down we was having the perfect summer, we did everything together because he lived in the next complex over from mi bestfriend. One night we had came bac from the pool from drinkin, and he was really gettin on mi nerves so I told him I jus wnt to go to sleep, becuz he had threaten to leave so many times that night I was fed up. I mean I truly loved this man, I would even bring my son around him.

We could make love all night long and stare in each other eyes. He had never dne it before so I was in shock. Than he called me spoiled, and im a brat. SO I told him just to stay away from me. I mean yes I seen him now and than but after that it was never the same. I cant even imagine a future with him. It broke mi heart into pieces I mean da one man I loved more than anything hurt me so bad. So now he calls me and says he loves me and wants me to have his child.

So I told him that will never happen becuz I don't love him anymre nor do I want to be with him. I feel bad about it but I will never love him again, I don't even careabout him nomre and that was mi soul mate. Now I am happy wit mi sons father he is a Sagittarius He is difficult at times to get along wit because were so strong minded but I could argue wit him into ole age.

I love this man to death. I'm an Aquarius man with a Gemini woman. It's been a year-and-a-half since we first met, and we started dating with some secrecy a couple months ago.

aquarius man and gemini woman dating

Like the article says, sex did come about fairly quickly, and it's good. My previous relationship was with a Virgo, and she didn't have nearly the enjoyment or interactivity as this Gem.

Aquarius man and Gemini woman

I always am thinking, and have my concerns and hopes both. I worry about boring her, or us not working as time goes on. Also, I wish she would talk to me more, as I find her interesting but it's rare she actually communicates the same way. When I felt somewhat dull compared to what I'd want to be, she still finds me very exciting and a stand-out of the men she's known.

For example she has tried different vegetarian foods and doesn't mind them, crossing a foot tall bridge, or going into a pet store to look at tarantulas, snakes, and scorpions. Likewise I face my fears and consider things she'd like. We don't say "I love you" much, but it seems it doesn't need to be said often, as it's over done sometimes and is thus diluted. She's good as both a friend and lover, and I hope to see how it does in the long run, even if I have my fears and doubts at times.

I have recently started a relationship with a Cancer boy. He is 5 years younger than I am, he's 20 and im 25, but i've made my peace with that. We have only been together for 2 weeks and have met once. I luv the funny things he says and the way he shares his feelings with me.

Thing is, I met this Aquarius man, he's 25 like me, he's really into me, he feeds me these sweet words and is also very affectionate, we met twice, he came to my uni and drove me home, he held my hand, he spoke sweet words of promising everlasting luv, and it blew me away. I like his charming ways and conversations. He told me he's developed these feelings for me and I told him I hate the way he makes me feel because I know that its wrong, since I have a bf.

He's been very persistent asking me to give him a chance to prove to me that he is the right one for me. I told him I cant because im already in a relationship and I have to give my boyfriend a chance first, I have to try.

He says he's not going to give up that easy. Shud I stick to my boyfriend and see what happens and if it doesn't work out I can run into the arms of the aquarius? I really don't want anymore bad karma in relationships, I think ive had enuff in my life, I want to do the right thing from now on.

I'm a Gemini girl talking to an Aquarius guy. I have best female friends who are Aquarius but I never had an Aquarius guy friend until now and its the best damn thing I have ever experienced in my life. I always thought it was bullshit but not anymore.

I think of him day in and day out. I always said i'd never get married but with this man I would. Gemini lady with an Aquarius lad. I met him a little over four years ago at work.

While he fell in love at first sight with me, I was bothered by his presence. They will much more often become friends than lovers, even if they were attracted to each other when they first met. The rest is just something that other signs worry about. However, Aquarius can be very passionate about their humane beliefs and will often support them strongly.

This is something Gemini can understand but rarely supports. Because of the fact that Aquarius partner values equality of the people as much as their own freedom, this can be their point of separation, even though Gemini partner does not really disagree. They are so different than everyone else and represent a step that Gemini should climb if they want their life to be unbelievable.

Still, it is exciting for them both to enter this relationship — Aquarius to surprise and Gemini to follow them wherever they go. Their main activity to be shared is movement.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man - The Blackbook

They could drive thousands of miles just to find a specific ice cream or for no reason at all. Mostly they can do anything together, from travelling and clubbing, to reading labels and instructions on the use of different kitchenware.

When you look at things this way, you could say that there is no better match for them than the fabulous Aquarius. Both of the Aquarius man and Gemini woman would need to find someone a bit more benevolent than themselves. The compatibility when it comes to emotions is not definite but, still plenty of room to grow in this part if hard work is put in or this aspect of the relationship will cause both of you to argue about such things which can lead to a breakup.

Without emotional intelligence for one another, the word soulmate doesn't mean much. The Aquarius man and Gemini woman enjoy their time by themselves or with friends without having the other partner become spiteful or jealous because of it. The Aquarius man may want to continue his freedom of the wandering eye, and the Gemini woman may not stand for it too long before she initiates the breakup and goes onto her next venture.

To get one thing straight, if the Gemini woman ever feels your values to be a threat to her person, then she will leave with no questions asked. There is no chance that the Aquarius man can argue to make her stay at that breaking point. When it comes to these two signs fun is what matters most when together, sexually. With this compatibility this Aquarius man and Gemini woman will explore, interpret and continue to attract great chemistry upon one another.

The Gemini woman and Aquarius man are sexually attracted to each other, there is no doubt about it. But, for how long? These two may focus on fun rather than passion, meaning the attraction is there, sexually, but it may burn out as fast as it was started.

When stepping into the bedroom with an air sign never expect these encounters to be routine, there is not one thing that will ever be the same when speaking, sexually about the Aquarius man and Gemini woman.

But, the downside about this pair is that everything is there: But the passion is lacking, and without passion, these two will continue searching for their soulmate elsewhere. But, this should not be a problem with the Aquarius man and Gemini woman because as long as he wants you, then you will have no issues with pinning him down, altogether.

Soulmate or Break Up? After reading this hopefully, you have received a good amount of information about the Gemini woman and Aquarius man.